Semenax: An Effective Supplement To Boost Sperm Volume

Semenax: An Effective Supplement To Boost Sperm Volume

Studies conducted for several years have made the link between the pleasure of the man, but also of his partner, with the quantity of sperm produced during ejaculation. Indeed, for the man, the ejaculation corresponds to his orgasm. This only lasts two to three seconds. But thanks to the increased volume of semen, this orgasm can be stronger and also longer. In addition, for women, the amount of sperm produced is a symbol of fertility and virility. For these two reasons, many men are now looking to increase semen volume.

Designed and marketed by Leading Edge Health after years of research, Semenax pills specialize in increasing the volume of ejaculated semen. They are among the solutions favored by men who wish to increase the volume of sperm. Indeed, these capsules give first effects within a fortnight. After two months, the volume of semen is multiplied by five.

The action of Semenax capsules

The effectiveness of Semenax capsules comes from a series of actions caused by the components present, all natural. Thus, certain components have the effect of acting naturally on the production of spermatozoa, and therefore, by extension, of sperm. These components are directly involved in the testicles and the epididymis, where the tail of each sperm is conceived. Semenax also plays a role in the prostate, which, by its position, influences the quality of erection and ejaculation but is also the basis for the production of seminal fluid. Over the years, the prostate is less efficient. Semenax will fully restore its role to it. Finally, the capsules operate on the production of testosterone, this male hormone, which takes part in good sexual health by promoting libido. However, the greater the excitement, the greater the ejaculation will also be, hence the interest in seeking the most active libido possible.

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The components of Semenax

Semenax capsules each consist of more than 24 components. You should know that these are all of natural origin, without side effects, and therefore without risk to health. Without citing them all, the main ones can be separated into several categories according to their actions:

Increase sperm volume: Zinc, Swedish flower pollen and L-Arginine are the three natural products that act directly in the testicles to help increase sperm volume. Zinc is an essential amino acid for the body and which is used in the production of sperm. But often, men lack it, which lowers the production of sperm. L-Arginine is also a very useful amino acid. Studies have shown that its use alone can double sperm production after two months of treatment. – Improve the health of the prostate: as we have seen, the prostate is at the base of the production of the seminal fluid essential to transport spermatozoa. Thanks to pumpkin seeds, cranberry extracts, and hawthorn, the activity of the prostate is reactivated. This one will be in better health and will fully play its role. Reactivate testosterone production: testosterone levels decrease over time. However, it is the basis of a fulfilling sex life and a strong libido. Several components will therefore allow an increase in the production of testosterone, production which takes place in the adrenal gland and the testicles. Thus, epimedium, tribulus terrestris, and maca, three natural plants known for hundreds of years in alternative medicine, will stimulate the production of testosterone. Men who take Semenax treatment have therefore felt a high increase in their libido, which is not to displease their sexual partner. – Guard against fatigue: finally, it should be noted that fatigue, stress, excessive or unbalanced diet have repercussions on the quality of sexual intercourse, particularly in terms of erection and ejaculation. The company behind Semenax has therefore integrated vitamins, including vitamin E, which boosts the general health of the body, making it more apt to be receptive to sexual solicitations.

Semenax dosage

Semenax capsules are very easy to use. Sold in boxes of 120 capsules, they offer a thirty-day treatment. Indeed, it is enough to ingest four of them a day, two during each of the main meals. There is no point in ingesting more to get faster effects.

In principle, the increase in libido occurs after seven to ten days. From fifteen days, the sperm is more important and of a whiter color. This amount will increase up to three months after the start of treatment.

Note that the capsules are reserved for adult men, out of puberty.

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The only site that has the authorization to sell these capsules is Any other site offering this product has not received approval and it is therefore possible that it sells counterfeits. Better to avoid them. The official website also offers promotions and a 60-day warranty, not to mention free shipping.

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