Small Penis: What To Do And Which Solutions To Adopt?

Small Penis: What To Do And Which Solutions To Adopt?

The size of the penis is an obsession for many men. Some wonder if the size of their penis is normal or if the pleasure they give to women is related to the size of their penis.

Some men are victims of genital dysmorphia, ie they distort the vision they have of their penis and perceive it to be smaller than it really is.

Whatever the source of his concerns, a man who is unhappy with the size of his penis is a frustrated man, he exposes himself to negative consequences on his sex life.

Indeed, anxiety and lack of self-confidence can lead to erectile dysfunction such as impotence or premature ejaculation. This is why it is important to take the problem seriously, to inform yourself and to try different solutions in order to put an end to your complexes.

1 What is a small penis?
2 What are the causes of a small penis?
3 What are the consequences of having a small penis?
4 The small penis complex: penises wrongly judged small
5 How to assume his small rod?
6 To conclude, what to do if you have a small penis?

What is a small penis?

It is difficult to correctly define what a small penis is, and not all scientists agree on these characteristics. Here, we will consider that a small penis is a penis smaller than the average at rest and in erection but which remains normal.

Some numbers

The average size of a penis is 9.16 cm at rest and 13.12 cm when erect (source) .Of course, these numbers are just an average and many men are either above or below.

Nevertheless, a penis is considered of normal size when its dimensions are between 6 and 11 centimeters at rest and 11 and 20 centimeters when erect. Know that very few male individuals are excluded from this normal.

Thus, having a penis smaller than average (between 6 and 9.16 cm) is not considered exceptional or aberrant but quite normal. However, many men have complexes about the size of their penis and this can lead to serious psychosomatic problems such as anxiety, sexual dysfunctions or troubled sexuality (source).

Not to be confused with micropenis

A study was conducted to highlight the distortion that men have on the size of their sex. She revealed that out of 90 men who consult for a suspected micropenis, 0% are actually diagnosed with a micropenis.

Indeed, when it comes to complex, we tend to accentuate everything: a small penis then becomes a micro penis. However, the size of a micro penis is far from the dimensions of a normal sex. Indeed, a micropenis does not exceed 9.32 cm in erection (source).

Know that only 0.6% of the world's population is diagnosed as having a micro penis (source). So, before worrying about the size of your penis, we advise you to see how to measure your penis.

What women think

Nearly one in two men is not satisfied with the size of his penis according to scientific research (source). However, this same study highlights that 85% of women say they are satisfied with the size of their partner's penis.

Additionally, another clinical study shed light on the importance women place on penis size. On this research, 375 women were interviewed and had to note the importance they give to the size of the penis for sexual intercourse (source). The results are as follows:

1% of women consider this criterion as very important20% as important55% as unimportant20% as insignificant.

Thus, if many men attach enormous importance to the dimension of their sex, women do it much less. You should also know that the majority of men who are complex about the size of their penis actually have a penis of normal size (source).

What are the causes of a small penis?

There are no scientific studies explaining the causes of a small penis. Indeed, the size of a sex can be attributed to genetics and hormone levels during adolescence (source).

Be careful, if you think you have a small penis, we encourage you to avoid taking hormonal medication and to seek advice from a sexologist doctor who will be able to guide you and offer you appropriate and non-dangerous solutions.

What are the consequences of having a small penis?

If your penis is smaller than average, you may wonder if this can affect your sex life. Know that no evidence has made the link between a small penis and penetration problems.

Indeed, the small sexes function normally and do not interfere with the quality of a sexual relationship. However, the anxiety that men can develop in relation to the size of their penis is one of the causes of sexual dysfunction.

Indeed, this size complex can, in some men, lead to physical consequences on their sexuality such as erectile dysfunction and libido disorders (source).

The small penis complex: penises wrongly judged small

Researchers are interested in how a man sees his penis and why it seems smaller to him. This phenomenon can be, in certain cases defined as genital dysmorphism or also called locker room syndrome and can be caused by:

Age : most men are affected during puberty (source). – Heredity : certain genes can promote the appearance of this disorder (source). – Negative life experiences : such as teasing, school bullying or childhood abuse (source). – Character traits : certain aspects of the personality can promote this feeling, such as lack of self-confidence or perfectionism (source). – Pressure from society : pornographic films and the beauty criteria of our society can make some men complex (source). – Neurological disorders : anxiety or depression can be a cause of genital dysmorphia (source).

Be careful, this disorder can affect many men. Thus, before wanting to enlarge your penis, we advise you to consult a health professional who will be able to guide and direct you in order to find the solution that suits you best.

How to assume his small rod?

One of the best ways to fight against the small penis complex is to assume the dimension of your sex. Here we give you 3 ways to approach and solve your size problem.

A little sex can give so much sexual pleasure

One of the preconceptions about sex is that big penises give women more pleasure. This is totally false (source). Indeed, 3 points to know:

1. The vagina is small, soft and stretchy. Thus, it adapts to all penis shapes (source). 2. Deep penetration and female pleasure are not directly related.Indeed, the vaginal orgasm often comes from the stimulation of the clitoris and the vibrations that are made to it (source). 3. The supposed G-spot area would be located at the entrance to the vagina. Thus, the pleasure of the woman would not be directly linked to the penetration of the vagina but to the stimulations made on the clitoris (source).

Preferred sexual positions

Many men put penetration at the center of sexual intercourse. As a result, these individuals will more easily complex about the size of their penis, thinking that it is the dimension of sex that provides pleasure. However, to give pleasure to his or her partner, there are other means such as (source):

Increased desire and excitement. Stimulation of female external genitalia. Tactile sensations.

Indeed, sexual pleasure is not about performance and big sex. Indeed, love must be able to bring pleasure to both parties and be a moment of pleasure and entertainment and not of anxiety.

If you have a small penis, there is no position to avoid. Thus, you can choose sexual positions where the penetration is deep like for andromaque or the doggy style.

But it is also possible to choose positions and sexual games that stimulate the external genitalia of your partner. However, we cannot assure you that one position is better than another.

Indeed, your choices will depend on your tastes and those of your partner. So if we have to give you just one piece of advice: communicate.

Tricks to make the penis look bigger

If you are really complexed by the size of your penis, there are techniques to help you overcome this discomfort:

Keep yourself physically fit: excess fat can tend to visually reduce the size of your penis and make it look smaller. – Put yourself in the dark: stress, anxiety and cold are factors that can cause your penis to shrink. You may be afraid of your partner's reaction to your penis. In this case, it is quite possible, at first, to make love in the dark. This will allow you to get to know your partner a little more and can also be exciting. – Natural methods to have a bigger penis: There are food supplements and other totally natural techniques that can increase the size of your penis by a few centimeters. – Assume your height: easier said than done, one solution is to learn to accept yourself. This can be done by talking about your complex to your partner who will be able to reassure you. You can also face your fear gradually. For this, you can for example avoid hiding your sex when you undress in a locker room. Indeed, this will allow you to learn little by little to accept the gaze of others.

To conclude, what if you have a small penis?

Having a penis smaller than average is not a handicap or a defect but is completely normal.Nevertheless, some men are complexed by the size of their sex. This can result in the development of an obsession or dysmorphia.

However, these disorders have consequences on the quality of sexual relations. For example, this can lead to sexual dysfunctions such as ejaculatory, erection or libido disorders. We have given you some tips to bypass this complex.

Nevertheless, if you cannot overcome this problem, we advise you to turn to a health professional such as a sex therapist. Indeed, this one will be able to guide you and accompany you in order to overcome this negative feeling.

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