Spray X Review: Our Opinion And Feedback From Users

Spray X Review: Our Opinion And Feedback From Users

There are more and more solutions that allow men to overcome their erection problems. If you are impotent, or have difficulty maintaining your erection for the duration of your intercourse, a little help may be necessary. You will generally have the choice between oral treatments (such as Vigra or Cialis), injectable solutions, creams… But also sprays. It is this last type of product that we wanted to talk to you about today.

We have indeed heard of Spray X: an innovative solution based on naturally aphrodisiac ingredients that would make it possible to have a hard-on harder and longer. But should we trust the promises made by its manufacturer? What are its effects and how long do they last? This is what we are going to explain to you in this article.

1 Introducing Spray X
2 Spray X = Atomizer X
3 What is its composition?
4 What is the dosage to follow?
5 Spray X reviews: the pros and cons
6 Where and at what price can I buy it?
7 Verdict

Introducing Spray X

Spray X is a sexual stimulant allowing to have longer and stronger erections. Coming, as its name suggests, in the form of a spray, it is supposed to provide an easy-to-use solution. And promises to trigger an almost automatic erection once you apply it. According to its manufacturer, it is its exclusive formula that allows instantaneous effectiveness, since its active ingredients would act directly on the area that allows the male sex to swell and stiffen.

Like many treatments against erectile dysfunction, Spray X would therefore act on the blood circulation, which would make it possible to fill the cavernous bodies of the penis and therefore to have a stronger hard-on. As you will have understood, this is a solution that is used strictly before intercourse (because of its immediate effect). And not a long-term treatment.

Spray X = Atomizer X

By researching this product online, one can realize that Spray X and Atomizer X are made by the same laboratory. And would have the same effects on the male sex. Moreover, the two sites from which you can order these two treatments are almost copied and pasted. We can therefore expect very similar results, with one as with the other.

In both cases, it is the promise of an immediate erection that may surprise you. Indeed, even the most effective and medically recognized treatments, such as Cialis or Levitra, do not have such rapid results. And you usually have to wait 30 to 45 minutes to be erect. The difference would be made at the level of the penetration of the product into the cavernous bodies, and would therefore make it possible to avoid the latency time… But scientifically speaking, that leaves me a little pensive.

So does Spray X really work? Or are we dealing with a scam?

What is its composition?

One can easily assess the effectiveness of a solution against erectile dysfunction by reading the list of these ingredients. But for Spray X, there is very little information on its composition.

Indeed, on the site, we find rather vague information and we can only be satisfied with the fact that this solution contains a unique formula based on sexual stimulants and natural aphrodisiacs. And that's about it. So we have no real way of knowing what exactly these ingredients are. And in what quantity they are dosed in the spray.

Generally, manufacturers who do not give the exact composition of their products simply seek to keep their formula secret (to avoid imitations or counterfeits). However, this lack of knowledge of the ingredients can particularly pose a problem, especially if you have allergies or if you have serious medical contraindications.

However, no serious incidents have been observed so far. It is therefore possible that Spray X contains many natural active ingredients to promote blood circulation in the penis, without being dangerous. In addition, because this solution is applied locally (unlike swallowing pills that pass through the body), the only adverse effect that may be felt is the appearance of pimple patches or any other skin reaction on the penis.. Worse still: feeling such a reaction in front of your partner since you have to apply this product just before your intercourse…

What is the dosage to follow?

However, there is more information on how to use this product. If the site speaks of immediate effect, the manufacturer subsequently tempers this shock statement. In reality, you should start by pumping the spray and then spraying it one to three times on your penis. And wait 15 minutes before the latter enters an erection. Because the active ingredients are applied directly to your penis, the effects would be faster than a pill that must first pass through your digestive system.

The manufacturer also advises not to use it too early (eg not before leaving for your date), as the effects may wear off if you are not sexually stimulated. The principle is therefore the same as an oral stimulant, minus the latency time. On the other hand, we could not find any information on how long Spray X would allow you to maintain your erection.

Possible side effects

As you can imagine… If we have very little information on the composition of a product, it is potentially dangerous. Generally speaking, men who wish to use a sexual enhancer are always advised to discuss this with their doctor. We know this can be intimidating for many of you. Because having problems getting a hard on is a bit shameful.

However, if solutions like Viagra or Cialis are only available by prescription, it's for a good reason. Health risks exist. And even if these are only allergic reactions, as is the case with solutions that contain only natural active ingredients, this is not to be taken lightly either.

If the manufacturer does not specify it, it would not be surprising if the Spray X contains alprostadil to work. However, this drug is potentially dangerous and could cause priapism. That is to say give you a very painful erection that can last several hours.

In some cases, priapism can cause irreversible damage. And make you helpless. Spray X is also suspected to contain lidocaine. It is a local anesthetic which is for example used by dentists, in particular to soothe pain and numb the body. However, use on the penis is strongly discouraged. Remember that the presence of these different ingredients is just a guess…

Spray X review: the pros and cons

So, what is our Spray X opinion? Side advantages, we are obliged to note that Spray X presents itself as one of the fastest products on the market. The method of application is also quite convenient and discreet. Concretely, you can go to the toilet for a few seconds to spray the solution on your sex before your sexual intercourse. There are no dosage calculations to do, no preparation to make. Simply spray Spray X on your penis for a penis ready for action!

Another advantage: by going through the official website, you will benefit from a refund policy, ideal for starting to use Spray X with peace of mind!

On the minus side, the main one is the lack of information regarding the exact composition of Spray X. Indeed, apart from the fact that its formula is unique, we do not know much about its active ingredients and no clinical test can corroborate its effectiveness. It is therefore necessary to remain cautious and to consult your doctor before any use.

The other problem with Spray X (or Atomizer X) is that there are very few online reviews. In particular, you can find some on the official website to get a better idea of ​​the effectiveness of this solution.

The experience with Spray X

After ordering it, you will receive your package quite quickly (6 days). Which is a good point. The package was completely neutral. So there is no way to know what you have purchased.

When using it for the first time, it is advisable to use it with someone you know well. The application is very easy.

After applying it, you will feel the rush of blood to your penis after 35 minutes.

Where and at what price to buy it?

When purchasing a sexual enhancer in any form, it is important to take certain precautions. Indeed, erection problems are a lucrative market, and there are a lot of dubious products on some sites. In general, for solutions that are available without a prescription, and that are not necessarily found in pharmacies, the safest solution is to go through the manufacturer's site. You will thus avoid counterfeits, which can be very dangerous for your health.

You can also test some on Amazon or eBay. But always pay close attention to the seller to avoid scams. However, only on the official website will you be able to enjoy a money back guarantee. And interesting promotions. So you have everything to gain by going through this option.

As for the price, count around 30 euros for your bottle of Spray X.


Concretely, Spray X can be an ultra interesting solution for all men with erection problems. If this is your case, you certainly know how complex male impotence can be. And have a very negative impact on your sex life and relationships.

Spray X is a solution offering to treat your erectile problem locally. After spraying it on your penis, Spray X will act on your corpora cavernosa to get you an erection quickly. With Spray X, you can therefore remedy your erectile problems fairly quickly! And if you're not satisfied with the results, you can return your Spray X for a refund. Therefore, ordering it does not commit you to anything.

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