Surprising Facts About The Penis

Surprising Facts About The Penis

Most men are pretty aware of what's going on below their belt. But there are a lot of things that men don't know about their gear, things that will surprise you. One of the things, which anyone who has been kicked between the legs can confirm, is that the penis is strong. But this is very rarely highlighted.

Just take the example of a strange movement in Kung Foo which consists of lifting as much weight as possible with your flaccid limb that a man can normally lift on a weight bench. Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng of Los Angeles is adept at the practice, and he gained notoriety by towing a tractor trailer and even a World War II fighter plane weighing over 3.5 tons. with his penis. Practitioners believe it strengthens their organ, improves sexual functioning, and can prevent serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. Surprisingly, these practices have not yet become commonplace. Ok, maybe that's not really surprising. After all, according to two different studies, one from Cornell University and the other from Michigan State University, men's genitals are just as sensitive as women's. For men, the most sensitive areas are usually the tip and the area just behind the head or glands called the frenulum.

At a certain age, men begin to worry about their erections. But did you know that there are different stages? The first is big but less stiff, the second is hard but not hard enough for intercourse, and the third is firm enough to allow penetration but it's not rock solid. The last ones are totally clogged. In the 1990s scientists developed this scale when they were working on the Viagra pill. Today the scale is known as the International Erectile Index. You may be aware of the erections you have throughout the day. But what about when you're asleep? Urologists say healthy men typically have three to five erections over the course of a night. This happens at the level of REM sleep. A rare condition causes painful erections during sleep, the kind that can wake a man from a deep slumber. But only 30 cases have been recorded so far.

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