Testosterone: Boost Your Love Hormone Naturally

Testosterone: Boost Your Love Hormone Naturally

The following simple strategies will give you a nutritional arsenal that will naturally keep your testosterone levels high, help you control your weight and stay lean while increasing your performance with women.

Betting on Potassium-Rich Foods

In France, one in three men suffer from high blood pressure, which is bad for your heart and can affect blood circulation, making it harder to get and keep an erection. Potassium can help you… Studies show that men who take more of this nutrient by eating healthier, maintain their blood pressure levels much more easily and over time. The best natural sources of potassium are spinach, potatoes, lima beans, squash, melon, tomatoes, bananas, peaches, kiwi fruit and yogurt.

Reduce Your Salt Intake

Salt moves inside your body via water, so the more salt you eat, the more it invades other areas through your bloodstream. This increase in salt in the volume of your blood, increases your blood pressure levels and weakens erections. To lower blood pressure naturally, the goal is to ingest less than 2,300mg of sodium per day. If you already have high blood pressure, keep that number below 1500mg. Beware of processed foods containing sodium acting as a preservative and also beware of soy sauce and ketchup. Also, watch your cheese intake, which is surprisingly high in sodium.

If You Smoke, Quit

By quitting smoking, you will significantly improve your cardiovascular health. Blood circulation may improve only a few weeks after quitting.

Vitamin E

This powerful antioxidant is sometimes needed to convert vitamin B12 into its active form. It is found in sunflower and canola oil; wheat germ; whole grains; and black, leafy green vegetables. Your intake should not exceed 1000 mg per day.

Vitamin B12

Basic animal protein found in skinless poultry, lean beef, game meats, low fat dairy products, and eggs while this vitamin is important, it has also been shown to help men having a low sperm count. Take at least 2.4mg per day.

Zinc and Vitamin C

A lack of vitamin C and zinc can cause sperm to clump together. Take 90 mg of vitamin C daily from sources such as citrus fruits, berries, and red peppers. For zinc, the goal is to take 11mg per day by eating, for example, shellfish, dairy products, cereals, red meat, poultry, beans, cashews.

Sleep well

Sleeping well each night is crucial for weight management, hormone regulation, and recovery from exercise. When you sleep, your muscles rest and your blood pressure drops to relax your heart and cardiovascular system. People who have difficulty maintaining normal sleep patterns may suffer from decreased testosterone levels and become mildly insulin resistant. Encourage restful sleep with these strategies:

Eat Foods Rich in Tryptophan

Tryptophan is an amino acid present in many proteins of animal and vegetable origin. By combining tryptophan-rich foods with carbohydrates, insulin tells your body to move amino acids to your muscles, the release of tryptophan allows your brain to produce serotonin-a neurotransmitter that creates a calming effect.

Limit caffeine

Beverages like coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks can boost you for six hours. Drink caffeinated beverages in the first half of the day – or consider cutting them out altogether.

Avoid Big Meals Before Bed

Overeating right before bedtime can keep you awake. If you are particularly voracious at this hour, add an afternoon snack such as an ounce of raw almonds with a small piece of fruit.

Try Chamomile

An infusion from the dried leaves of the chamomile flower acts as a light soporific. Try not to drink it too much just before bedtime, to avoid frequent trips to the bathroom during the night.

Take choline

Choline is an essential nutrient related to vitamin B, it is produced in small amounts by the body. It is also a neurotransmitter precursor that is important for a variety of functions, including sleep. We find it in milk, peanuts, tree nuts, kale, oranges, tomatoes, wheat germ, oat bran, Brussels sprouts and eggs.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

Your metabolism slows down while you sleep. Eating a healthy breakfast when you wake up will help your body burn calories and reduce the urge to overeat at midday.

Don't Go More Than Four Hours Without Eating

Eating on a schedule every few hours keeps your metabolism going. About 10% of your total calorie intake is spent on digestion alone, and skipping meals can cause a drop in testosterone, so eating at regular intervals each day is essential.

Eat At Least 1000 Calories Every Day

To lose weight, you need to cut calories, but ingesting too few will slow down your metabolism, which can cause testosterone to drop as your body goes into conservation mode to protect itself.

Aerobic Exercises and Cardio

Strength training is a great way to boost your metabolism, but aerobic training also produces a certain result, as does resistance work. Although its metabolic effects don't last as long as a session in the weight room, cardio really comes into its own when done three to four times a week.

Eat Protein with Every Meal

When you digest food, your body produces heat, a process known as the thermic effect. Carbs, protein, and fat all contribute to this, but high-protein foods like poultry, fish, beans, nuts, and low-fat dairy provide the greatest metabolic boost.

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