The 5 Fears Of Men In Bed

The 5 Fears Of Men In Bed

It is a fact that men's fears in bed are mostly related to their sexual performance. Unlike women, men are less concerned about their body, appearance or personality during sex. For them, the execution of the sexual act is more important, they follow their performance with great interest in order to give pleasure to their partner but also to take it.

The nature of the fears that continue to plague a man's mind is whether he can deliver quality sex? How to fully satisfy your partner? Is his penis size perfect? Will he have an erection strong enough for penetration? What if he can't maintain the erection? What if his wife can't reach her orgasm? And the list of questions is long. But once again, the common point remains their preoccupation with their sexual performance.

Here are the most common bed fears among men:

Size Matters: The biggest fear that most men have in their minds is related to the size of their penis, their sexual organ. Most men think that if their penis is too small in size, they will not be able to satisfy their partner in bed in a desired way. With these apprehensions in mind, they are unable to concentrate properly in bed and enjoy themselves. Loss of erection: many men put pressure on themselves before taking action by wanting hard erections, with a penis that stays erect for a long time, and also want to satisfy their partner. But all this pressure only increases nervousness and stress, which can impact their sexual relations. Even when they manage to get a good erection, they stay stressed and keep thinking about it. Therefore, they often end up losing their erection during sex. Premature ejaculation: Many men wish to perform the sexual act with great interest and energy, but somewhere in their mind they always want to climax as soon as possible. In this race, many times they ejaculate long before they expected and even before their partner has started to enjoy the moment. Infertility: The main purpose of having sex is to enjoy good times with your loved one, but at some point in your life you would love to have a baby. Here too, many men fear whether they can get their wives pregnant or not. With this fear, men start to overthink and stress which impacts their sexual performance Performance anxiety: in addition to all the fears related to their sexual performance and inability, men often have fears, which are related to the satisfaction of their partner. Things like (did I hurt her during sex? she enjoys it or not? she manages to get a satisfying orgasm or not?)… with performance anxiety fears men can just miss out good times. In the midst of all these fears, it becomes really difficult for men to have sex properly, and even to satisfy their partner. It is therefore important to identify these fears and consult a sex therapist at the earliest to overcome them as soon as possible.

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