The Benefits And Side Effects Of Panax Ginseng

The Benefits And Side Effects Of Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng root has been used for centuries, and even today, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and Western herbalists promote the use of panax ginseng as an adaptogen; an herb known to promote healthier responses to physical and mental stress. Since stress is one of the root causes of a number of health issues, panax ginseng plays an important role in keeping you happy and healthy.

Scientific studies done on ginseng have validated a number of claims about the herb's traditional uses, including proving that it can be used as a sexual enhancer for men.

What is Panax Ginseng?

The panax ginseng plant is found in Asia. Because of this, it is also known as Asian ginseng, Korean red ginseng, or Chinese ginseng.

It is important to avoid confusing panax ginseng with Siberian ginseng or American ginseng. They are two completely different plants and they serve entirely different needs.

Ginseng root can be found in supplements aimed at natural relief. For ginseng to be most effective, the plant must be cultivated for five years before being harvested and used. This is why the price of good quality ginseng is very high.

There is also a dry, untreated variety of the root called white ginseng. If the root is dried and steamed, it is called red ginseng.

Traditional uses of Panax Ginseng

The use of Korean Red Ginseng has been part of traditional Chinese medicine as a supplement to boost overall well-being for centuries. Traditional uses of panax ginseng include:

– A strengthening of the immune system – Better heart health – The fight against diabetes – The increase in energy – The reduction of stress – The treatment of impotence

The root is said to be comparable to the human body, but it has shoots rather than arms and legs. Traditional herbalists believe that this similarity to the human body is one of the main reasons why the root is such an effective remedy for the whole body. Today, research has demonstrated the power of ginseng as a natural remedy, acknowledging the traditional claims.

Benefits of Ginseng For Men

Improved sexual performance

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have long believed that ginseng is capable of improving sexual performance in both men and women. Although there haven't been many studies on the exact beneficial effects of ginseng, the University of Maryland Medical Center has suggested that the root may boost libido/sex drive.

The exact relationship between ginseng and sexual desire is not completely understood, but scientists believe that ginseng reduces stress, which prevents stress from hindering sexual desire.

erectile dysfunction

The American Institutes of Health have suggested that ginseng is able to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and male impotence.

Men consuming ginseng could achieve stronger and longer lasting erections with greater ease. However, the NIH (National Institutes of health) also report that more studies are needed to establish the safety and effectiveness of ginseng as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Fertility Booster

The American Institutes of Health also suggest that ginseng may improve male fertility. Men who take ginseng supplements will see their sperm count and motility increase.

Having more sperm (and more active sperm) greatly increases the chances of pregnancy. This is why herbalists generally recommend ginseng as a treatment for men who have low sperm count and are facing the problem of infertility.

The University of Maryland Medical Center also reported similar findings, adding that when animals were given ginseng supplements, their sperm production increased. Further studies need to be conducted to determine the most effective dosage for treating male infertility.

Premature Ejaculation

The American Institutes of Health advise consuming herbs such as ginseng can help treat premature ejaculation in men. Suggested treatment involves application of 0.20 cream suspension topically to the genitals.

While early studies have encouraged the use of this treatment as an effective option, there are not yet extensive tests that would determine whether or not panax ginseng is effective and whether it should be combined. with other ingredients.

Benefits of Ginseng for Women

One of the most common side effects of menopause in women is reduced sexual function. Some studies have looked at the effects Korean red ginseng has on women going through menopause.

One such study included 32 women, some of whom received three ginseng capsules daily, and others a placebo. Women taking the supplement noted improved sexual function with no side effects.

The researchers concluded that women could improve their sexual function by consuming red ginseng.

Other benefits of ginseng

Some research has suggested that ginseng may help people with cancer. Panax ginseng has been shown to prevent colon/colorectal cancer. When ginseng is combined with chemotherapy, it may also help cancer sufferers recover better and experience less side effects.

Research has also suggested that taking ginseng can stop tumors from growing and prevent cancer from spreading to the rest of the body. Additionally, research has also shown that ginseng is able to relieve chronic fatigue that can affect people with cancer.

Ginseng may also be able to help prevent colds and reduce the severity of heart disease symptoms. Ginseng may also help improve alertness, relieve stress, and improve overall endurance.

Side effects of ginseng

Short-term use of red ginseng is considered completely safe for most people. However, it is possible that the plant affects the body in the long term.

Side effects of ginseng do not manifest themselves in all cases. Some people can consume it without showing any side effects. The most common side effect of ginseng is disturbed sleep. Less common side effects of the herb include:

– High heart rate – Menstruation problems – High blood pressure – Diarrhea – Headache – Dizziness – Skin rash

Risks and Warnings

There is a moderate risk that red ginseng will interfere with ongoing medication. Please consult your doctor before taking red ginseng if you are taking the following medications:

– Antihypertensive medication – Anticoagulants – Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) – Stimulants – Immunosuppressants – Insulin for the treatment of diabetes

Avoid mixing ginseng and caffeine. One of the properties of ginseng is to intensify the stimulating effects of caffeine. Consult a healthcare practitioner before using panax ginseng or other herbal remedies, especially if you have a medical condition.

Forms of ginseng

When buying ginseng, make sure you know what type of ginseng it is. You can buy both red and white ginseng, but most research on ginseng is for red ginseng.

Red ginseng can be taken in liquid, powder or capsule form. You can also buy dried ginseng root and use it to make your own tea. Panax ginseng is commonly found in testosterone supplements. If you want to use ginseng to improve your libido and performance, you should buy only the best testosterone supplements like TestoGen.

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