The decline in sexual desire in men

The decline in sexual desire in men

Sexual relations play an important role in the life of a couple. The decline in sexual desire can therefore constitute a fault in their relationship. Of course, there are times when you can be confronted with a sexual breakdown, but when it persists, you still have to ask yourself questions, and think about finding effective solutions to remedy it. Indeed, the decline in sexual desire is not always linked to erectile dysfunction. Sometimes a man can get an erection without feeling any urge to have sex with his partner. There are many causes and the symptoms remain the same, but the treatments vary depending on the case.

Symptoms of low male sexual desire

The decline in desire is often manifested in men by their lack of interest in sexual relations. He may very well have an erection, but he just doesn't want to act out with his partner. At some point, it can happen in the life of a couple, but when the disappearance of desire is unexplained and it is prolonged over time, you have to be wary. It is certain that he suffers from a drop in sexual desire. Sometimes he even feels revulsion towards sexual activities. Anything to do with sexuality disgusts him. Thus, the frequency and quality of the couple's sexual relations decrease over time. This can lead to serious consequences. Indeed, the woman can have illusions and feel guilty for no longer being desired. She thinks she is no longer living up to her man's expectations, or worse that he is cheating on her. Disputes then arise automatically. This situation can also damage the reputation of the man. He too can come to feel guilty, if nothing changes over time. So, if you want to save your couple and have a fulfilling sex life, or if your love is present, but your desires are not following… it's time to pull out all the stops and think about getting treatment.

The different possible treatments

It must be recognized that you will not be able to deal with this type of problem alone. A psychologist, a sexologist or a doctor will be able to diagnose the causes of the decline in your sexual desire and will recommend the various procedures to follow to remedy it. Be aware that low libido is linked to different factors. Its treatment therefore varies according to its cause. But to get an idea of ​​what awaits you, here are some possibilities to solve your case.

Treatments in case of reduced desire linked to material and psychological conditions

Sometimes the decline in sexual desire in men can be due to material and psychological conditions. The circumstances that present themselves in his life, as well as the place he occupies in society, can really affect a man's libido. It is then necessary to take a tour of his living conditions to determine the root of the problem. Stress at work, unemployment, impending retirement… can contribute to the decline in sexual desire. It is the same for worries due to a responsibility within the family, financial or material problems, anxieties, etc. These different situations hinder the rise of sexual desire. Thus, it is important to regularly practice relaxation exercises such as yoga or sophrology. Sometimes, relaxing in a spa or practicing massage sessions can also allow you to stay zen. Your body and mind will also be ready to engage in sex and regain desire. Finally, adopting a good standard of living is also essential, in particular practicing sport regularly, avoiding tobacco and alcohol.

Improved couple's sex life

It should also be noted that the relationship within the couple can contribute to lowering sexual desire. It may be worn, routine, and unimaginative. Sometimes, the very image that the man has of his wife influences his desire: his efforts, his virility, his fantasies matter little to him. It also happens that after a cessation of all sexual activity due to illness, accident or separation, the man no longer experiences desire as before. In these cases, it is essential to improve the sexual life of the couple. There are various tricks to achieve this. For example, you can give a little atmosphere to your sexual encounters. For this, prepare your body by programming baths, perfumes, sexy lingerie for women… and your bedroom, by using romantic music, candles…. In certain circumstances, escaping to a new place can have its effect. Erotic readings, sexy games, sexy toys, stagings… are also interesting ideas to increase sexual desire. Otherwise, you can talk together, excite each other, massage and caress as much as you want.

Treatments with aphrodisiacs

In some cases, especially when the decline in desire is linked to hormonal problems, using aphrodisiacs proves to be the fastest and most effective solution to treat this kind of problem. Currently, they come in different forms: plants, foods, natural products, medicines. Among the aphrodisiac plants and natural foods, chocolate stands out. It is rich in dopamine, a neurotransmitter that promotes arousal. Asparagus is also rich in folic acid which increases histamine levels and thus increases testosterone production. Oysters are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, those elements that increase testosterone levels. Moreover, ginger, thanks to its gingerol, is the natural aphrodisiac par excellence. Varieties of aphrodisiac products are also present in the market. In the form of pills, capsules, lotions, pops…, they all aim to increase men's sexual performance and boost their desire. The side effects of these products are not really observed. Just use them wisely to avoid addiction. However, it is recommended to seek the advice of the doctor before resorting to this method, because some products have contraindications.

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