The Different Types Of Products Designed To Combat Incontinence In Men

The Different Types Of Products Designed To Combat Incontinence In Men

Urinary incontinence usually affects women, but men can also suffer from urinary leakage. To fight against this problem, different kinds of protections have been specially designed to improve the daily life of men and soothe their anxieties related to urinary leakage.

11 to 34% of older men are affected by problems of urinary incontinence or uncontrolled urination, but this problem is not only related to age. Younger men can also leak urine due to certain health conditions. Men rarely dare to raise this subject with their doctor and this is a major difficulty in this area. It is therefore possible that the statistics we have on this subject are incorrect. It is important to consult in order to talk about this problem in order to identify the symptoms it causes and to treat them effectively.

Below is the list of products that can help men better manage their urinary incontinence issues.

Sanitary towels and other absorbent products: absorbent pads are positioned inside underwear to limit leaks. These items are generally effective and easy to use. They are available in different models in order to best adapt to the needs of users.

External catheters: These flexible tubes must be inserted inside the bladder in order to drain the urine that accumulates there.

Drainage Bags: These bags are designed to catch urine that leaks out of catheters or penis sheaths.

Urinals and other replacement toilets: These accessories serve as toilets for people who are unable to use a standard toilet seat, those who have balance problems, or who have trouble toileting properly after defecating. This range of items designed to treat incontinence includes portable urinals, bedpans, penis sheaths, toilet boosters, bidets and cleansing wipes.

Penis clamps/ penis compression devices: compression devices are reusable and must be positioned on the penis. The device should be loosened before urination.

Sheaths: Sheaths look like condoms and should be placed over the penis in order to collect urine. This accessory can be connected to a pocket which must be drained afterwards.

Portable urinals/urine bags: These devices consist of a specially designed disposable bag to collect urine as it drains outside the body. They can be used instead of penis sheaths and are specially designed to fit specific underwear.

Urinary collectors for retracted penis: These devices consist of a small pouch that covers the penis and collects urine. The pocket must be drained in order to empty it.

Where can I buy devices specially designed to treat male urinary incontinence?

Devices designed to treat urinary incontinence are marketed in pharmacies and medical supply stores. If you do not dare to make this type of purchase directly, you can place an order on many online stores. We recommend that you talk to your doctor first, as they can help you choose the device that best suits your needs.

Tips to better manage male urinary incontinence

Some natural remedies and tips can help you treat and control male urinary incontinence. Below are several useful measures and several natural remedies that will help you better manage this type of problem.

– Stop consuming or reduce your consumption of soft drinks and drinks containing caffeine – Reduce your alcohol consumption to no more than one drink a day – Reduce your consumption of foods that can irritate the bladder, such as lemon foods, chocolate, tomatoes, vinegars, dairy products and aspartame – Quit smoking- Improve your intestinal transit to avoid constipation because this problem creates pressure on the bladder – Lose weight if you are overweight – Try pelvic floor strengthening exercises such as Kegel exercises, to perform them you must contract the muscles that hold urine in – Follow a urinary schedule by performing urination every two or four hours – Use the peel of a pomegranate to make a paste, add a little water and consume this mixture twice per day – Consuming grilled kuluttha for several days (Macrotyloma uniflorum: pea/vegetable native to India) – Eating sesame seeds mixed with jaggery/ gur to reduce the number of your urinations – Making a powder using seeds of fenugreek and mixing them with ginger, honey or water. Consume this mixture twice a day- Consume boiled spinach to reduce the production of urine in your body – Eat more apples, sweet potatoes, raspberries, beans, bananas, brown rice and cherries to improve your bowel movement – Strengthen your bladder by holding your urine for longer and longer periods during the day, we would like to point out that it is not advisable to hold back urination when the urge is really very urgent because this method can increase the risk of infections. You should not apply this method if you feel pain.

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