The Smell Of Sperm: Why Does Male Semen Smell Strong?

The Smell Of Sperm: Why Does Male Semen Smell Strong?

Just as the taste of semen differs from one individual to another and it is possible to influence and modify it through good practices, the smell of semen is not unique and we can also act on its fragrance. We suggest that you understand what impacts this smell, analyze the quality of your semen according to its scent and learn how to modify it by following our expert advice.

1 How to explain the smell of semen?
2 My semen smells like fish or rotten egg, is this normal?
3 What affects the smell of semen?
4 How to change the smell of his sperm? Our advices

How to explain the smell of semen?

To understand the smell of semen, it is important to remember its composition. Thus, sperm is composed of different secretions (source):

Prostatic secretion which makes up 15 to 20% of sperm and which contains trace elements such as zinc. – Seminal liquor which makes up 65 to 70% of semen volume and holds nutrients like fructose and protein. – Secretion of the Cowper's glands which corresponds to the ejaculatory liquid and which represent approximately 9 to 19% of the content of the sperm. – Sperm which represent only 1% of the total volume of semen.

Sperm is thus composed of many so-called alkaline elements and has a pH greater than 7 (source). As a result, the smell of semen may resemble the smell of bleach or chlorinated water. There is no scientific study in relation to the scent of semen. Nevertheless, many empirical observations confirm this smell of bleach.

You can also watch this video to learn more.

My semen smells like fish or rotten egg, is this normal?

An unpleasant smell of semen, close to the rotten egg or a bad fish is not normal and in addition to being quite problematic when you have sex – because your partner could be disgusted by a semen that is too fragrant – this is a sign that something is wrong with your body.

What affects the smell of semen?

As explained previously, there are no scientific studies highlighting the impact of external factors on the change in sperm odor. Nevertheless, several specialists agree to approve empirical findings and testimonials explaining that certain external factors could modify the smell of semen.

Foods that alter the smell of semen

According to empirical observations, certain foods could have a negative impact on the smell of semen. Among them, it is possible to cite:

– Asparagus – Green leafy vegetables – Garlic and onions – Cabbage and broccoli – Red meat – Eggs.

For most of these foods, it is their richness in sulfur that alters the spermine (source). This protein is very present in sperm and has the particularity of being very sensitive to the oxidation process. By oxidizing, spermine will impact the taste, the smell but also the color of the sperm, thus making the sperm yellow.

The frequency of sexual intercourse

Once produced, sperm can be stored in the seminal vesicles. This remains there until it is expelled via ejaculation. When sperm stagnates too long within the body, the spermine it contains begins to oxidize, which can also explain a change in the smell of sperm, but also in taste and color (source).

Thus, a renewal of sperm via more frequent ejaculations could make it possible to find a so-called "normal" sperm scent.

In the same way, during sexual intercourse, sperm which, as a reminder, has a pH between 7.2 and 8.0 (source), can come into contact with the vagina whose liquids have a pH between 3.5 and 4.5. This abrupt change in pH can affect the smell of semen for a brief moment, which can give an unpleasant scent for some people (source).

STDs and diseases to watch out for

If a bad smell of semen persists, it could be a sign of an infection or illness, which will need to lead you to a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Some of the most common conditions known to alter the smell of your semen include:

Trichomonas, an STD which sometimes results in irritations and burns (source) and which modifies the smell of semen. Rarely dangerous, it is an especially embarrassing and very unpleasant disease – The genital infection called gonorrhea can alter the color and smell of semen, in addition to causing pain during urination or ejaculation (source) – Prostatitis, an infection of the prostate, which can lead to pain when urinating, more frequent urges to go to the bathroom, and a change in the appearance and smell of semen, which sometimes mixes blood or urine (source).

The quality of urine and perspiration

All the liquids that our body produces are closely related to our diet and our physical condition and among them the most common are urine and sweat (source, source) .

These two elements are rich in alkaline substances like sodium. In general, when a sanitary change is felt, the two liquids change smell at the same time. Some specialists tend to think that the sperm could also be impacted by these changes. However, no scientific studies have yet addressed the issue.


For men who are not circumcised, be aware that the accumulation of sweat, dead skin and potential bacteria around the foreskin can change the smell of semen by mixing with it. This is why circumcision can be recommended, apart from various beliefs, for a cleaner penis (source).

General hygiene

It may seem obvious, but impeccable personal hygiene – body and genitals – prevents the development of bad odors and bacteria. A clean body, emptied of its toxins (by sports practice for example) will smell much less than a body in poor condition and washing properly can only improve the smell of your semen.

How to change the smell of his semen? Our advices

As explained previously, there is no scientific consensus aiming to decree that it is possible to modify the smell of semen by different practices. Nevertheless, empirical observations and many testimonies explain that certain practices could indeed help to improve the smell and the quality, even to increase the volume of sperm. Among them :

– A healthy diet by promoting natural elements that are good for the body. Some dietary supplements, such as Viasil, which we tested, could help you with this. – A regular sports practice to eliminate toxins and improve your blood circulation – A moderate consumption of alcohol and coffee. Indeed, the abuse of different substances such as drugs, cigarettes but also alcohol and coffee could be the cause of changes in the appearance of sperm such as its perfume. – Impeccable personal hygiene.

So, even though these tips have not yet been proven by science to improve the scent of semen, these practices are known to be good for your health. Thus, it can only be encouraged to follow these tips.

To conclude, semen can hold several flavors, some more pleasant than others.

There are several possible reasons for a change in the smell of semen.

We have also given you advice that can improve the well-being of your body, which could also improve the smell of your sperm. All you have to do is test them. Indeed, these are risk-free and only hold health benefits.

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