The Top 10 Male Sexual Fantasies

The Top 10 Male Sexual Fantasies

Research has indicated that 80% of men admit that they fantasize sexually. The other 20%? A bunch of liars. We are the imperative copulator, charged with the perpetuation of the species, conferred on us by Mother Nature. It is natural and perfectly healthy for us to fantasize. *

Men are the hunters, pursuers and sentinels of sex. Let's face it, it was women's, there would be a lot less people around, maybe even none. But no. Mother Nature in her ultimate wisdom got us horny, visualized and fantasized to keep the human species and the porn industry alive and thriving. The truth is, using your fantasies can not only enliven and enrich your own sex life, but if you're in a long-term relationship, it can also help keep that spark alive. Explaining your fantasies and trying them out creates connection, better communication and can lead to intimacy, which is commonly referred to as love.

Here are the top 10 male sexual fantasies. Think about what you dream of. Enjoy!

1- Being visual creatures, a good number of men like voyeurism. Whether it's watching a woman through her bedroom window, or watching your wife pleasure herself, we love watching. Women like it too. A woman's libido is enhanced when she feels desired. So when you see her and want her, that suits her perfectly. This increases her desire, provided she wants you.

2- A night with a stranger is another common fantasy. A boy meets a girl. The boy takes the girl to bed. End of the story. There is a surge of ego, the smell of hypnotic, wild and unplanned sordid sex, the thrill of the hunt and the irresistible grace of charm and charisma.

3- To deflower a virgin which, today, can be a rare pleasure. But with experience, many men wonder how it feels. There's an extra special ego when he knows she'll never forget him.

4- The threesome with two women is always a fantasy. It's a simple equation; the more sexy, horny and outgoing the women, the better. Five, of course, fifteen, why not? We don't really have a limit.

5- Some men like role-playing because it can be fun, especially with a long-term partner you know well.

6- Some men seem to have a fantasy of being tied up. It's the prostitute's fantasy.

7- There are these men, and these women, who desire a woman who is inaccessible. Like the gendarmette, the hot lawyer, the boss, her college or high school teacher.

8- Some men are turned on by very sexy places, even though this is more often associated with women. Maybe there's a rut in a long-term relationship, which is a sign of starting to move on.

9- Being caught in the act is a fantasy of some.

10- And finally, the dominatrix. It may not be related to a fetish, but it does happen. Sometimes men are tired but excited. They don't feel like leading. They're hoping she'll take the action.

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