Too Tight Underwear Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Too Tight Underwear Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Since the creation of men's briefs, some people claim that they can promote erectile dysfunction. This belief is one of the oldest misconceptions about erectile dysfunction. This is an old rumor that has been circulating for a long time and is now considered a proven fact.

But don't be fooled, gentlemen. Even if they are really tight, underwear will not affect the quality of your erections.

It seems logical to think that tight underwear causes long-term damage because it puts pressure on the penis and testicles. Some people claim that men will fail to get erections if their penis is compressed for too long in tight underwear.

Extensive research has been conducted by erectile dysfunction specialists for several years, and they have found no correlation between erectile dysfunction and wearing tight underwear. The pressure they exert on the penis does not compress the blood vessels, so they cannot cause erectile dysfunction.

Tight briefs therefore have no influence on the quality of your erections, but the situation is different when it comes to your testicles. Research has shown that tight underwear can cause infertility problems because it raises the temperature of the testicles, which causes sperm to die.

You won't have erection problems wearing tight underwear, but your fertility may suffer. It would therefore be wiser to wear boxers if you want to have children one day.

How to choose the right underwear?

Take measurements first so you don't buy the wrong size which may be too tight or too loose for you. Take your body type into account and choose the shape of underwear that suits you so that there are no bulges. Choose a material that you feel most comfortable wearing. Avoid satins or silks. Prefer those that offer the best ventilation such as boxers.

Always wear clean underwear every day and maintain good hygiene. Take a bath every day and clean your private parts with good products and pat dry. Optionally, do not wear underwear to sleep at night to promote good blood circulation.

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