Treating Male Impotence With Hypnosis

Treating Male Impotence With Hypnosis

Impotence leads to growing malaise in men. Whether their partners are understanding or not, men with ED usually develop feelings of guilt. This disorder can cause emotional distress, and too often it is a matter of shame. However, impotence is not a fatality against which nothing is possible. Hypnosis is a fairly common technique that allows you to overcome it, especially if it is of psychological origin.

First step, understand where the blockage comes from

The first session with the therapist usually takes place as a verbal contact. As it is a psychotherapy, the patient must be able to reveal himself little by little. The specialist asks him questions that sometimes seem simple, sometimes incongruous, but which help to understand the main cause of the sexual breakdown. It can be the fear of not being able to satisfy the partner or a drop in sexual attraction which impacts on the libido. After determining the origin of the impotence, the patient is introduced to hypnosis proper. The therapist explains to him the course of the therapies to come. The first hypnosis session allows the patient to consider his future sexuality with more confidence.

Two sessions to regain control

The second session leads the patient to hypnotic trance. He must mourn what has poisoned his sexual fulfillment: guilt, fears, pain… in order to be able to draw new resources from deep within him. At the third session, the therapist will bring his patient into a deep hypnotic state which will allow him to free himself completely from the grip of his past pain. He is in the process of acquiring a new identity that he will be able to accept in order to overcome his disorder. Each of these sessions begins with a dialogue during which the therapist inquires about any changes observed by his patient, in order to orient his approach as well as possible.

The fourth session for total autonomy

After the verbal interview which allows the therapist to understand the evolutions of his patient, he learns certain self-hypnosis techniques. As this is the last session, the patient must be able to manage their emotions, feel confident, reconcile with their body and learn to love themselves. The revival of self-esteem and the break with past frustrations open the door to a healthy and fulfilling sexuality. Of course, each patient is unique. The approaches used and the duration of the sessions are therefore variable, but the expected result after the fourth meeting is the same each time: a feeling of peace, liberation and a lot of confidence.

The role of the partner

If the man is primarily affected by impotence, his partner suffers the consequences and may feel frustrated too. The couple could seriously flop if communication has no place. The woman must be able to be understanding towards her man. In addition to the hypnotic therapy he is undergoing, natural and non-pressure stimulation from his partner can help a man afflicted with impotence to find himself at his sexual peak again. Do not put pressure on him by “demanding an erection” but rather stimulate him so that he gets there.

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