Venous Leakage: Causes and Symptoms

Venous Leakage: Causes and Symptoms

A venous leak occurs when the veins located in the penis are unable to circulate the blood flow which allows the man to have an erection. The veins therefore cannot ensure the transport of blood. Venous leakage can occur simultaneously with vascular disease.

The causes of venous leakage

The causes of venous leakage can be many. Indeed, it can be psychological and other physical reasons. With regard to the physical conditions we can speak of structural changes in the corpora cavernosa. There is also low testosterone levels. Some cases are caused by the presence and Reid of birth. And in some cases, they are due to the presence of other pathologies such as diabetes or even the result of fibrosis in certain other patients. As for the psychological reasons, these causes are related to the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and the secretion of adrenaline. Indeed, this causes the contraction of the arteries and the contraction of the tissues. This affects the nerve centers and prevents the closure of the veins which inevitably leads to a venous leak.

Symptoms of Venous Leak

It is difficult to detect or suspect a venous leak. Indeed, the disease manifests itself during intimate relationships. If during a natural erection it is difficult for the man to maintain his erection. He usually has to worry. Subsequently, still during an erection, following an injection of a vasodilator, he still cannot maintain his erection or if the pressure drops rapidly, it is likely that this is a venous leak. And to verify this, it is necessary to perform a caver-nosography to visualize the leaky vessels.

Treatments for venous leak

The treatment of erectile dysfunction has increased dramatically in recent years. This is due to better control and understanding of the disease at its root. You should know that the first thing to do to better treat this disease is to opt for a healthy lifestyle. The success of the treatment of this disease has been made possible thanks to the evolution of medicine and also of surgery and also of the appearance of viagra. Before starting a treatment, it is necessary to consider several factors, including the degree of comfort that the treatment method can provide because the success of the treatment depends on it. There are many treatments for this type of disease. There are oral treatments, psychological treatments without forgetting the various surgical methods. Psychiatric care is the first treatment that the patient must have in mind because he indeed needs follow-up, support but also advice from people competent in the field. As for drugs, there are a lot of them. There are several: hormonal treatments, tablets such as Yohimbine or Sildenafil. There are also methods such as intra-cavernous injections of vasoactive drugs, or trans-utheral administration. Other techniques can also be used as a treatment for venous leak disease. Among the best known, there is the vacuum system or vacuums. And as far as the field of surgery is concerned, it is vast and can be performed on all patients depending on the diagnoses and the degree of the disease. First of all, there is arterial surgery, venous surgery, or even the fitting of penile prostheses.

Venous leakage is a disease directly related to impotence. It is considered to be a permanent inability to achieve an erection. The causes can be numerous and directly related to a psychological state or to other pathologies. But currently, adapted solutions and treatments make it possible to deal with this. The opinion of a qualified person is therefore more than important and essential as soon as the symptoms occur.

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