Viasil Review: Our Opinion And User Testimonials

Viasil Review: Our Opinion And User Testimonials

Viasil is a dietary supplement aimed at improving male sexual functions. To date, it is one of the best pills for erection composed only of 100% natural elements and without known side effects. We suggest that you better understand how it works, its composition and its dosage through this opinion on Viasil.

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1 Our opinion on Viasil in Brief
2 Overview of Viasil
3 Composition of Viasil: our opinion
4 How Viasil works and effects
5 What results to expect?
6 How to use Viasil? Everything about its dosage
7 Side effects and contraindications
8 Prices and terms of purchase
9 Customer Reviews of Viasil
10 Our final opinion on Viasil

Our opinion on Viasil in a nutshell

To begin with, our opinion of Viasil is positive. Indeed, after basing ourselves on scientific evidence and customer feedback, we were able to observe that Viasil has biological properties to promote and stimulate erections in a natural way but also to increase male libido thanks to notorious aphrodisiac effects..

We explain the effects of Viasil in more detail in this review.

Introducing Viasil

Viasil is a dietary supplement for men with erectile dysfunction and erection problems. Made with natural ingredients, Viasil helps increase energy and blood flow.

Two beneficial actions to regain some stamina and thus obtain longer and harder erections. Viasil is a 100% natural supplement, composed mainly of aphrodisiacs recognized for their effectiveness.

By positioning itself as a direct competitor to Viagra, Viasil offers the immense advantage of being available without a medical prescription and having no known harmful effects.

Composition of Viasil: our opinion

If Viasil is so popular it is largely due to its effective and all-natural composition. Indeed, this dietary supplement has been synthesized with ingredients with scientifically approved sexual properties. Here is a bit more information about the composition of Viasil.


Pomegranate is a fruit with many actions on sexual functions. First of all, this fruit is rich in polyphenols and nitrate (source). These elements can promote the production of nitric oxide, a fundamental molecule in the vasodilation of the blood vessels of the penis (source).

Thus, the pomegranate would thus promote the erectile process by increasing the blood concentration at the level of the penis (source).

Additionally, polyphenols have the ability to stimulate mitochondria. These organelles are in a way the main engine of the cells and produce the energy necessary for cell and organism functioning in the form of ATP (source).

Also, pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and has been associated with improved heart function through its ability to reduce stored triglycerides (surplus fat) into energy in the form of ATP (source).

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

This root is known to have effects on erectile dysfunction and thus promote and stimulate erections (source). Indeed, ginseng could promote the production of nitric oxide but also fight against the oxidative stress that the tissues of the penis and blood vessels could undergo (source).

This property would seem to have beneficial effects for people with erectile dysfunction (source).

In addition, this plant is rich in ginosenosides, molecules involved in increasing brain functions such as alertness, concentration but also libido. Also, these molecules could improve endurance and reduce anxiety (source).

Tribulus Terretris

This plant is known for its properties on well-being and health (source). Several studies suggest in particular that Tribulus Terrestris could increase sexual desire and appetite.

Indeed, for this, this plant would reduce the level of bad cholesterol and the glycemic level which would cause hormonal changes that can improve the libido (source, source).

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a plant that can increase blood flow to your penis by increasing the production of nitric oxide (source). Indeed, nitric oxide will improve the elasticity of blood vessels as well as their dilation, which will thus increase blood concentration and thus promote erection.

In addition to this, ginkgo has a high concentration of flavonoids and terpenoids. These classes of molecules are antioxidants that fight against oxidative stress and free radicals and thus protect the integrity of cells, especially those of blood vessels.

This reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. Also, ginkgo has properties that reduce stress and anxiety, two elements that can trigger impotence (source).

Citrus Sinensis

Citrus Sinensis will act on the production of ATP and thus energy by stimulating mitochondria and participating in cellular respiration (source). This will result in providing you with a boost of energy after taking Viasil.

In addition, this fruit also contains flavonoids and carotenes that can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction but also by increasing the production of nitric oxide in the body (source).


Zinc is an essential element for the functioning of the body and many people have a deficiency in this mineral (source). However, zinc is known to stimulate the secretion of testosterone and can influence the quality and quantity of sperm (source, source).

Horny Goat Weed

This plant has the particularity of being able to act as a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. This enzyme has the action of reducing the speed of blood flow.

By inhibiting its action in your body, your penis will quickly benefit from a blood flow and you will also be sensitive to nervous stimulation increasing your libido and your sexual arousal (source).

How Viasil works and effects

Viasil has 3 main effects which are:

Improved erectile functions Increased physical fitnessStimulation of sexual desire.

We tell you how Viasil improves these 3 characteristics thanks to its all-natural compounds.

Improvement of erectile functions via the production of nitric oxide

To understand how Viasil helps improve erectile function and fight erection problems, it is important to know how an erection works.

To be brief, after mechanical or hormonal stimulation, the tissues of the cavernous body of the penis will expand, thus allowing dilation of the blood vessels that are present.

As a result, a blood flow will appear, allowing the penis to fill with blood. This will eventually make it longer, fatter and harder. Thus, the penis will be erect (source).

During impotence or an erection problem, the penis is unable to gorge itself with blood. The reasons can be varied. The main causes are a blood circulation problem and a disorder in the elasticity of the vessels (source).

Nitric oxide is a so-called vasodilator molecule. That is to say that it will be able to promote the dilation of blood vessels by playing on their elasticity. Also, nitric oxide could increase blood flow (source).

Thus, by offering elements that can increase the production of nitric oxide, Viasil will be able to act on vasodilation and the increase in blood flow. This can promote and improve erections.

Increase in fitness and energy via ATP production

Another aspect on which Viasil plays: energy and increased physical capacity. Indeed, the components contained in this food supplement can act on the production of ATP via mitochondrial respiration.

ATP or adenosine triphosphate is the main molecule that provides energy to the body. Indeed, when it is cleaved by hydrolysis, it releases energy (enthalpy).

It is the main form of energy generated by living organisms and is necessary for the vast majority of biological reactions (source). Thus, Viasil makes it possible to increase the production of ATP and thus to provide a greater quantity of energy after its consumption.

Therefore, you will be better prepared physically for your sexual intercourse.

Boosting libido via stress reduction

Last great effect of Viasil: the stimulation of the libido. Indeed, this natural supplement can increase desire and sexual arousal thanks to its aphrodisiac properties, in particular with the increase in testosterone secretion (source).

Also, Viasil can reduce stress and anxiety, two parameters often implicated in impotence and libido disorder (source).

What results to expect?

The results observed are:

improved quality of erections increased stamina in bed and increased energy levels increased sexual desire and self-confidence.

The relevance of these results may vary from individual to individual. Typically, clients see results within a few weeks of starting treatment. Some may also have effects just a few days after you start taking the pills.

How to use Viasil? Everything about its dosage

Viasil comes in tablet form and does not require a doctor's prescription. Each box holds 30 pills for a cure of 1 month. Thus, it is recommended by the manufacturer to take 1 capsule per day.

In general, the designer advises taking Viasil in the morning before breakfast with a large glass of water. This will promote its absorption.

Also, to take advantage of its immediate effects, it may be advisable to take the food supplement 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Of course, you will always have to respect your dosage and stay at 1 tablet per day.

Side effects and contraindications

According to the manufacturer, there are no known side effects of Viasil. Indeed, its entirely natural composition makes it possible to avoid potential harmful risks for the body.

Nevertheless, certain contraindications are common. First of all, the product is not recommended for minors. Subsequently, as this substance has dilating effects, it is strongly advised not to use this product if you have blood disorders or are taking an anticoagulant.

Also, it is customary to seek the advice of a doctor if you have a chronic illness or are taking another type of treatment at the same time.

Rates and terms of purchase

To enjoy the effects of Viasil and to be sure of buying a good quality product, it is important to order only from the official website of the manufacturer. By going through this platform, you will be sure to order a product with real effects and natural ingredients.

In addition, by ordering on the official website, you can benefit from Viasil promo codes, attractive discounts and a 100-day money-back guarantee.

Buy safely

In this opinion on Viasil, it is necessary to warn you about the risks incurred at the time of purchase. You should know that it is not possible to buy Viasil in pharmacies. No need to go to your pharmacist to order it.

As explained beforehand, it is important to order Viasil only on the official website of the manufacturer. Indeed, Viasil is a product widely used today. Faced with this success, imitations appeared on the market.

In addition to being imitated, the composition of these products is often questionable and the effectiveness of these supplements leaves something to be desired. So don't take any risks and avoid counterfeits at all costs.

In addition, through the official Viasil website you will be able to benefit from:

Discreet delivery : Viasil is sent in packaging that cannot be identified, which guarantees anonymity and discretion. – Free delivery. – An original product based on natural and effective ingredients to remedy erectile dysfunction without suffering side effects. – A 100-day money-back guarantee : if you are not convinced of the effects of Viasil, you can obtain a full refund. – Interesting savings : many promotions are currently offered.

Box prices

On the manufacturer's website, the prices applied are as follows (price including the current discount offered via the current flash sale):

64.99 € the box. €129.99 for 3 boxes, i.e. €43.33 each. €179.99 for 5 boxes, i.e. €36 each. €249.99 for 8 boxes + 2 erection gels with immediate effect, i.e. €31.25 per box.

Viasil customer reviews

Customer reviews of Viasil are mostly very positive. Indeed, most validate the effects claimed by Viasil and sell its effectiveness.

For example, Gary in his fifties, recounts his erection problems due to his age. He explains that after a cure with Viasil, he was able to see very conclusive results. Indeed, he regained his stamina and got better erections.

Another testimony, that of Owen who explains that he developed anxiety about his performance in bed. The man also explains that Viasil allowed him to feel better in less than a month and to gain energy and maintain his erections longer.

Last example, that of Michael who, in 2 months has observed significant differences. Indeed, he has much more energy and can maintain his erections longer.

We also want to come back to some negative comments that we have read. The majority complain of not getting immediate effects and compare it to Viagra.

We would like to remind you that unlike Viagra which is a drug and composed only of chemical element, Viasil is a natural food supplement.

Thus, unlike Viagra, it does not hold immediate effects as marked. Indeed, with its all-natural formula, Viasil has been designed to improve erections, your energy and your libido over time for a lasting effect. Unlike Viagra which has an ephemeral and short-lived effect.

Our final opinion on Viasil

Our opinion on Viasil is strongly positive. Indeed, this dietary supplement has all the qualities sought in a natural pill to get a hard-on. First, Viasil is 100% natural. Also, it holds no known side effects.

Finally, it has notable actions on the quality of erections, libido and physical performance. Therefore, we can only advise you to test Viasil for yourself. So you can form your own opinion on the matter.

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