What Are The Common Causes Of Cold Semen?

What Are The Common Causes Of Cold Semen?

Cold semen is not a common problem, and the most likely cause of a lower than normal semen temperature has to do with the testicles being in a very cold environment without proper protection. The testicles must be kept at a constant temperature to prevent the sperm from getting too hot or too cold. This is why the testicles seem to contract and retract inside the body when a man is submerged in cold water or not sufficiently covered in cold weather.

What to know about semen and what are the common causes of cold semen?

Semen is a semi-liquid substance produced by a man's testicles and prostate. It consists of enzymes, proteins, monosaccharides and other substances used to fuel and nourish sperm. The ideal temperature for sperm production is slightly below body temperature, between 32 and 35 degrees Celsius. Temperatures 1 degree below the optimum temperature for sperm production can negatively impact male fertility.

Sperm must be kept at a cooler temperature than the rest of the body, so the scrotum hangs below the abdominal cavity to retain them. If the temperature around the testicles gets too cold, the scrotum contracts, bringing the testicles closer to the body to maintain the ideal temperature. Similarly, in hot climates, the testicles are moved away from the body to keep them cool. In general, very hot temperatures are more dangerous for sperm than cold temperatures.

Men who have been exposed to freezing temperatures for long periods of time may eventually experience cold semen. This semen may not be cold to the touch, but it will be cooler than what the semen needs to survive. In most cases, once humans moved to warmer regions, temperatures reached normal levels. Very low outside temperatures can negatively affect semen temperature when properly dressed.

Another situation where you can get cold semen is when it is intentionally collected and frozen for storage. This is usually for fertilizing purposes. Male sperm donors and those struggling to get their partner pregnant can turn to cryogenic freezing of semen containing semen for later use. This type of cold semen will be brought down to sub-freezing temperatures using liquid nitrogen. Some sperm usually die during the process, but many come back to life once the sperm is thawed.

Is there a solution for cold semen?

Semen also cools quickly after ejaculation. For this reason, men may not be able to tell by touch if their semen is colder than normal. Anyone who thinks they have fertility issues or abnormal sperm should see a specialist.

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