What can I do to improve my sexual performance?

What can I do to improve my sexual performance?

"Alice and I haven't had sex for five years," said Jeff, 52. "I suffered from Erectile Dysfunction (ED), sometimes I couldn't have an erection, and I had very poor quality ones. She told me that it was not serious and as our sex life had been going downhill for several years, I believed what she was telling me. I also figured it wasn't too bad for me. We continued to have a platonic relationship. And I continued to masturbate once or twice a week without telling him.

"Afterwards, I had an affair with a woman I met on a business trip. It was only a physical relationship. I had no erection problems with her. I was going home all excited to find Alice, and we managed to have sex for the first time after six months of abstinence. It didn't go very well but it was much better than our previous reports. I was sure she had had an orgasm and hadn't faked it. But I was never sure with Alice.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

"I was surprised to see her cry after our relationship. She told me that she missed having sex with me. I was stunned. We decided to be more tender towards each other. another after that night. I had other erection problems afterwards and we decided to see a therapist together. This treatment helped us. We were able to strengthen our relationship and regain the feelings of the beginning of our relationship. My erection problems disappeared after that.

“The quality of my erections has improved, especially because we have managed to release ourselves sexually. I never told him about my adventure; I thought that was not helpful. But other than that, I have no secrets from her."

ED Treatment Tips

ED therapy worked for Jeff. There are several treatments and which one you should follow depends on the cause of the disorder. Here are a few tips :

1-If your erection goes away, don't struggle.

"The first time my erection went away during sex, I grabbed my penis and did everything I could to get it hard again," James, 51, said. "It didn't work. My wife was as disappointed as I was. It was over. Then I decided to do it differently and try a method I learned while doing a wellness program on Mind over ED.com When I felt my cock soften, I quickly pulled out to give him oral sex. I finally decided to adopt this technique and always use it in case of failure. This usually allows me to restore my erection. This allows me to satisfy her, even when this technique does not work, and that makes me happy.

2-Concentrate on pleasing your partner.

The technique chosen by James is quite effective in the event of a breakdown. When a man manages to forget his "problem" and to concentrate on the pleasure of his partner, that allows him to evacuate the stress which he feels during the reports. This technique gives him a double advantage: it can allow him to restore his erection, but even if it does not work, it helps him to gain sexual confidence.

3-Take advantage of partial erections

Paul, 46, says: "When I feel my cock go soft during sex, I pull back, grab my penis and try to get creative. While holding my cock firmly, I use my glans to stimulate my wife's clitoris, stroking it back and forth. This method often allows me to make her come.

I sometimes use my glans to caress the inside of her thighs or her nipples. This sometimes allows me to restore my erection. We both love this practice." Some men also manage to have sex with a partial erection, for this they just need to hold their penis firmly by the base during intercourse. You do not need to be fully erect to have intercourse. We recommend that you try to stimulate your partner, regardless of the state of your erection

4-Don't blame your partner.

When you feel hurt in your pride after a sexual breakdown, you sometimes feel like venting by blaming your partner for not stimulating you enough. We advise against doing this. If you do not follow this recommendation, you risk hurting your partner and upsetting her. You will regret doing so later.

When a couple engages in this kind of behavior, they usually find it difficult to change their attitude and be more tolerant and understanding. We advise you to be sincere and confide your fears and worries to your partner, without blaming them or blaming yourself. Some men find it more difficult to talk about their erection problems than their feelings. They usually manage to improve their sex life and stop focusing only on the quality of their erections if their partner shows understanding and tolerance.

What to do when foreplay drags on?

After the preliminaries, you will have to try to move on to the serious things. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your erection, your partner will notice it and it will surely prevent him from relaxing and enjoying your sexual intercourse. Women are endowed with great empathy and their emotions are greatly influenced by those of their partner.

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