What Can We Expect From Natural Penis Enlargement

What Can We Expect From Natural Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is an issue that men will never stop discussing. Is it possible to make your penis bigger? How is it possible to enlarge your penis in length and girth? Is natural enlargement effective? And millions of similar questions are asked every day.

Some men, including medical experts in 2017, say that the only way to make your penis bigger is through phalloplasty (surgery), and no other method, medical or natural, will help you. However, we can find plenty of facts that prove otherwise.

Let's take a deep look at penis enlargement and the chances of achieving it without resorting to surgery and its drawbacks.

What is phalloplasty?

Phalloplasty is the artificial construction, reconstruction or modification of a penis, including its enlargement in length and girth. Lengthening can be achieved by releasing the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubis.

The so-called experts who recommend surgery as the only way to enlarge your penis will never tell you that the success of this process depends on the suspension of weight during the post-surgical period. You won't get any extra centimeters if you don't apply some weight. However, the Second International Consultation on Sexual Dysfunctions stated that the majority of men who are properly informed of possible risks and complications do not want to undergo surgery.

They will convince you that natural means are not clinically proven and cannot be considered effective. This is wrong! We cannot dismiss any possibility simply because it has not been tested and evaluated.

Some experts claim that penis enlargement is impossible, but you can find hundreds of facts that contradict this.

Know that in the 1960s, a clinical study confirming that natural penis enlargement was effective was conducted – the Chartham study. Dr. Robert Chartham, having carried out his study in England, proved that natural methods help to increase the length of the penis. Based on his testing, Dr. Chartham concluded that the best natural way to enlarge the penis was intense stretching (or jelqing) and was named as the worst method (source).

Is expensive surgery necessary?

Why release the ligament surgically and risk the health of your penis (flaccid erections or even impotence) when you can stretch it? Stretching requires a much lower investment – you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars – and cause less collateral damage to your penis.

Natural Penis Enlargement Alternatives

We can find a wide variety of stretching methods all over the world. The best example of extreme stretching of the ligament is given by the Giraffe Women. These women from the Padaung tribe in Myanmar are widely known for their extremely long necks. Girls start wearing rings around their necks when they are two years old. As you grow, rings are added pushing down the collarbones and lengthening the whole structure of the neck. In some cases, the neck reaches 25cm in length or even more!

Could you imagine that a structure, as complex as the neck, could be stretched? Don't you think that all claims denying the possibility of penis enlargement are false?

And the best proof of the possibility of natural penis enlargement is none other than the men who have tried it successfully. It is high time that the so-called experts realize that natural means are not only possible, but also constitute an excellent alternative to phalloplasty, its cost, and its risks.

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