What Improvements Will I Get From My Penis Enlargement Program?

What Improvements Will I Get From My Penis Enlargement Program?

This question is one of the most frequently asked about penis enlargement.

All men wonder about the effects of the devices they use or the exercises they perform.

They also wonder how long they will have to wait before seeing visible results.

Although I have already touched on this subject in my personal reviews of Penomet devices, SizeGenetics; I wanted to inform you of the results that it is really possible to obtain by practicing exercises specially designed to enlarge the penis.

It is important to inform yourself about this in order to avoid disappointment, whatever method you have chosen to enlarge your penis.

Many men think that they can improve the length of their penis by two centimeters in a few weeks, but it is simply impossible.

It is true that beginners can visibly improve the size of their penis quite quickly, but you will have to be patient to obtain lasting results.

It is impossible to get a huge penis in a few days.

Some men, on the contrary, think that penis enlargement methods are scams and that they are simply ineffective. These people are also wrong.

It is possible to enlarge your penis, the results obtained depend on several factors. I will explain this to you later.

Why is this a stupid question?

To begin with, several reasons prevent us from answering the exact question: "how many centimeters will I gain?" »

No one can tell you how many centimeters you will gain using a specific method or device.

If someone says they can, they are probably trying to rip you off and trick you into buying an ineffective product.

Don't be fooled!

It's possible to roughly estimate the results you'll be able to get (as I do) but that's where it ends.

Moreover, it is not necessarily useful to question yourself on this subject before having started your program. I simply advise you to act and perform your exercises effectively and regularly.

I recommend that you do not hesitate any longer and start your Jelq/penile stretching program or start using your SizeGenetics extender as soon as possible.

Avoid thinking about results and take action to achieve your goal. This advice can be applied to all areas of life.

But let you explain why this is a dumb question.

What results can you achieve with penis enlargement methods)?

You will be able to improve the length and girth of your penis by 2-5 centimeters if you perform enlargement exercises regularly for a period of 1-2 years.

These are the results I've had and those of men I know who have done their enlargement exercises correctly and consistently for a long period of time.

What Factors Can Affect Your Results?

Several factors can influence the results obtained with magnification methods.

I suggest you consult the list of these factors below, this information will allow you to understand the effects of enlargement exercises.

[highlight] Genetic Factors[/highlight]

Yes, genetics can influence the improvements you can make in your gender. This is a major factor in this area.

But as in most areas of life, everyone has the opportunity to progress by demonstrating motivation and diligence.

Your genetic heritage uniquely determines the maximum size gain you can achieve through penis enlargement methods. Some men just can't get a 20cm penis.

But if the initial size of your penis is below average (less than 12 cm erect) and you manage to improve the size of the latter by about 3 cm in a year and a half, the size of your penis will be above average.

Your program will therefore have enabled you to achieve your objective. Genetic heritage is sometimes an obstacle but this factor does not absolutely prevent you from obtaining a penis whose size is above the average.

All men can improve the size and girth of their erect penis by at least 2 cm. So you have no excuse to give up. If your original penis size is 11 cm, PA exercises will help you get a 13 cm penis.

This will allow you to obtain a sex whose size is above the average. So you just need to be patient to achieve your goal.

[highlight] Your Diligence and Your Motivation[/highlight]

These are also two major factors. I can explain their importance to you by comparing PA exercises to a strength training program.

Two men can have the same goal when it comes to bodybuilding, but the more motivated man will get the best results. Whatever the case.

You can follow the same method to optimize the effects of your PA exercises. You must be motivated while remaining cautious.

I advise against performing Jelq exercises until your penis turns purple. That would be really stupid! But you're bound to get better results if you exercise regularly, perform the exercises correctly, and get enough rest.

You will not succeed in reaching your goal if you just train for 1 or 2 weeks without following the methods to the letter.

The effort you put in will affect the quality of the results you can get.

Just like in other areas of life, you will reap what you sow.

Manual exercises vs. Penis Extenders

These factors are not as important as the first two, but they can also greatly influence your results.

Devices designed to enlarge the penis prove to be somewhat more effective than manual exercises.

These devices will allow you to achieve lasting results more quickly, which will increase your motivation.

Devices I recommend include bathmate devices (penis hydro pumps) and SizeGenetics extenders (penis extenders).

The results obtained thanks to these accessories vary according to the individuals, so it is difficult to estimate them.

Short Term Goal vs. Long Term Goal

It is imperative that you focus on your long-term goals when you begin a enlargement program. These exercises should be considered a marathon and not a sprint.

As with achieving most goals in your life, you'll need to focus on the results you can achieve in the long run in order to stay motivated.

You risk altering the quality of your results if you consider them only in the short term. You will need to be patient to get visible results.

If you only view your progress in the short term, you'll expect immediate results, but PA programs don't work that way.

If you opt for this perspective, you risk giving up before reaching your goal because you will be frustrated by finding that this program requires patience.

By focusing on your long-term progress, you'll have the motivation to reach your goal.

You'll need to focus on putting in effort while having realistic expectations about your results and when they will appear.

You must imperatively show patience and rigor in order to optimize your chances of success.

We recommend that you always consider your progress over the long term, to show patience and motivation. You need to stay motivated and not slack off for a long period of time.

I guarantee you that this method will allow you to achieve your goal.

You should focus on the exercises to be performed and not on the duration of the program!

This type of questioning may prevent you from progressing. You need to focus on the exercises and perform them effectively.

The duration of the program does not matter, you will eventually reach your goal. You need to focus on the effort you need to make daily in order to progress.

The quality of the results you will obtain depends mainly on your rigor and your motivation. As I mentioned before, it's important to think of your program as a long-term progression.

This explains why it is easier to achieve a goal when we analyze our progress over the long term.


I think you all got my message. It is imperative that you consider your Penis Enlargement program as a long-term progression.

From a general point of view, most men can expect to improve the length and girth of their penis by 2 to 5 centimeters by following an enlargement program for 1 or 2 years. To achieve this, it is imperative to demonstrate rigor and motivation.

These enlargement exercises will surely allow you to obtain a medium-sized penis, and this is already a significant advantage.

In any case, I advise you not to think about how many centimeters you can gain. It won't help you progress, and you risk only focusing on your short-term progress by adopting this attitude.

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