What is more important - the length of the penis or its circumference?

What is more important – the length of the penis or its circumference?

You certainly understand why many men want to enlarge their penis and strengthen their virility. Throughout history, powerful men have always been described as beings with impressive limbs. A big penis therefore seems to be the best asset to enhance your strength and your virility.

The most common question still remains, " is it better to increase the length of the penis? "

The answer differs according to opinion and for most men it is important to have a long enough penis. Many men think that a long sex will make it easier for them to satisfy their partner. Moreover, when a man knows that the size of his penis is above average, it reassures him and flatters his ego.

The answer to this question is far from simple for women. Most of them don't pay much attention to penis size. In their eyes, it is above all the way in which man uses it that counts. When we ask them if they favor length or girth, none of these answers actually take advantage.

A large girth penis provides certain advantages. When it comes to sex, almost all women appreciate their partner having a rather large penis. A large girth penis occupies more space in the vagina, which therefore better stimulates the nerves located on the wall of the vaginal canal.

A rather large penis is also more effective when stimulating the G-spot, which is a few centimeters from the entrance to the vagina, on the upper wall of the canal. A sex of large circumference therefore makes it possible to give more pleasure to women.

What is the best choice?

A penis of imposing size is therefore useful for penetrating your partner more deeply and for stimulating more sensitive areas, but the best option is still to have a penis whose length is proportional to the circumference. These two criteria are essential to guarantee the success of your sexual relations.

Luckily, it is now possible to improve the length and girth of your penis. Penile traction devices, more commonly known as penis extenders, are designed to exert traction on the corpora cavernosa that sits inside your penis. This action has the effect of stretching the cellular tissue and therefore encouraging the cells to multiply. These cells that accumulate inside your penis will activate to increase its size by at least two centimeters.

Penis extenders also allow:

* Increase blood flow inside the penis

* Improve the quality of erections

* Better control the orgasm

* To reduce the curvature of the penis or Peyronie's disease

* Increase penis size by several centimeters

We advise you to try the penis extender from the SizeGenetics brand. Most extenders have the same structure, but there are, however, significant differences between these models depending on the manufacturer, particularly with regard to the comfort of use and the quality of the product. It is for this reason that we have opted for the model offered by Sizegenetics. These devices are offered in affordable price packs. Their structure and functionality are far superior to those of products you may have seen in magazines or on the internet.

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