What Is The Best Technique To Enlarge Your Penis?

What Is The Best Technique To Enlarge Your Penis?

Whether for their own satisfaction or to satisfy their woman, some men want to have a bigger and bigger penis. Indeed, it is not given to all men to have a penis that measures in the 15 to 18 cm erect. However, there are several penis enlargement techniques that allow the most dissatisfied to gain a few more centimeters.

Know the size of his penis to determine the appropriate technique

Whichever method you choose, it is essential to know the exact size of your penis before starting the enlargement program. This size varies according to age and origin. The French have on average a penis of 12.5 to 15 cm. Starting with the length, take the measurement with a ruler from the pubic bone to the other end of the penis. For the diameter on the other hand, you have to measure with a flexible tape measure to take the entire outline of the penis. Measurements are necessary whether the penis is flaccid or erect. Having the right measurement makes it possible to determine the ideal technique to enlarge the penis, especially since this process can also vary according to the expectation of each individual.

Natural methods to enlarge the penis

Due to its nature, the penis is predisposed to increase in size, especially when erect. The natural method consists in accelerating this spontaneous height gain, but in another way. We know that the weight gain by the penis in length and diameter, is done by a blood supply in the cavernous body of it. Which means that the penis is a living sponge that can stretch to the stage of optimum enlargement. By dint of continuous and repeated practice of this method, the result will remain permanent, because the demand for blood will increase with each erection. Another natural method is to stretch the penis using a penis extender. The simplest way is to attach it to a rope at the end of which a weight will be attached. By stretching, the member can be lengthened. This technique is widely used by men who want a longer penis.

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Other techniques to enlarge your penis

Apart from the natural means, there are also other techniques like taking medication and penile surgery. For this purpose, the herbal and/or other substance enlargement pill is offered for sale in the market. It increases the flow of blood to the cavernous body and ensures a longer erection at the time of sexual intercourse. The results are concrete after 3 to 4 months of taking this medication. In this same option, penile surgery or penoplasty is an operation that consists in increasing the penis, either in length or in circumference. There are many ways, including injecting the patient's own fat or silicone directly into the penis. However, this process is not without risk, because we know that for good healing, the patient will need 3 weeks of rest. In addition, penile surgery is very expensive.

The effectiveness of enlargement techniques

When we talk about enlargement, we must take into account the length and the width at the same time. Penis size is one of the oldest male concerns, but we know that there is no miracle product, whether natural or medical. Many men decide to choose the natural methods because they are much more effective. Those who have used this technique have been able to gain about 3 to 4 cm more after a few months of practice. And since it can be done without risk, it is also possible to get a few more centimeters for the girth of the penis. Surgery allows you to have the size you want, even if it means having double or even triple the initial size, but it must be remembered that resorting to this practice is not without risk.

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