What Is The Normal Penis Size?

What Is The Normal Penis Size?

In this ever-changing world, some men are increasingly concerned about the size of their penis, especially its length. Others brag about having a huge penis, while a few think they have a small penis and feel intimidated. This latter group of men may even develop an obsession which may even lead to locker room syndrome. He can also have a complex vis-à-vis his sexual partner, and be led to a decrease in desire and abstinence. In order to avoid them unjustified complexes or to find any penis enlargement solution, the following lines will be of great use to them to know the truth about the size of a penis.

What Women Think About Normal Penis Size

If men think that penis size plays a very important role in their partner's total sexual satisfaction, they are wrong. Whether large or small, the penis has nothing to do with achieving orgasm or the G-spot. Note that the clitoris, which is the main organ of desire in women, does not require not a penetration to achieve this. In addition, the majority of the erogenous zones of the vagina are located a few centimeters from the vulva and the G-spot, which is said to be the most sensitive zone, is 4 cm away. As long as the penis can enter the vagina, there's no reason why both partners can't enjoy sex to the fullest. Surveys have revealed that the majority of women, 85%, admit to being satisfied with the size of their partner's penis. The same survey showed that more than 68% consider that their man has a normal penis. 26% find it slightly large, and only 4% admit that it is small. This survey found that out of 100 women who date a man with a small penis, 2 wish he was a little bigger, while 5 out of 100 women whose partners have a large penis wish they had a little bigger. smaller, complaining that it hurts them too much. Moreover, most women are afraid of meeting a large penis, and are content with what they have, except for some who are in search of fiery sexual adventures.

Penis size and procreation

Whatever the size of the penis, it does not participate in any way in the fertility of the man. This depends on the proper functioning of the reproductive organ. What matters is an erection in good shape and sperm of good quality and sufficient quantity to reach the egg! If the size of the penis really plays a role in the mechanism of reproduction, it is the men with a small penis who would procreate the most. Normally, these have a good ejaculation and a top erection that lasts a long time compared to the large ones. So, whether with a large penis or a small penis, every man is likely to be fertile or not.

The average penis size according to studies

Worldwide, the majority of men have an erect penis that measures between 12 to 16.5 cm. Some have it less than 12 cm or more than 17 cm. From this study, the specialists were able to deduce that the normal size of the penis is 14.5cm long. More specifically, if you have a penis between 12.5-14.5cm when erect and 9-10cm flaccid, you are average, while below 10cm it is considered small. At more than 17 cm it is considered XXL. As for the circumference of the erect penis, it varies from 9.5 to 10.5 cm and 8 to 9 cm during sleep. Of course, these are only numbers and of course, in the average. In fact, the size of a penis can vary according to time and temperature. It is much larger and bulkier in summer or when you are hot, and can become very small in cold weather such as winter.

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