What to Know About Involuntary Erections?

What to Know About Involuntary Erections?

A situation born for the most part from a man's sexual desire, erection is a phenomenon that can occur either voluntarily, that which is caused by an individual's own volition, or involuntarily, that which occurs produced unconsciously at some point.

What about involuntary erection?

Involuntary erection is generally one that occurs outside of an erotic situation. As a result, this can put a man in an embarrassing, destabilizing, even uncontrollable situation. Indeed, since it already exists from a young age, even from birth, the erection can come suddenly when it wants, when you don't expect it or don't want it. That said, involuntary erection can become an innate phenomenon that is difficult to master. Aside from its definition, involuntary erection often occurs overnight. In this case, it is a nocturnal erection. It occurs during REM sleep of a boy or a man and is completely natural. In this case, it may not come simply from a sexual desire or dream, but also from the body's desire to amply oxygenate the corpora cavernosa in order to make them more elastic. In addition, there is also the morning involuntary erection that occurs when boys wake up, the causes of which are somewhat similar to that of nocturnal erection.

Involuntary erections related to contact

Similar to the Definition of nocturnal and morning erection, it also happens that erection can occur after simple contact with another person. In this sense, the main causes come from this non-permanent contact on a part of the body, sensitive or not, of a boy. Thus, this form of erection can occur everywhere following a simple inadvertent contact. This can sometimes cause shame and great loneliness felt by boys. So, by dint of facing the talkers and humiliations of others, the ideal is to find effective treatments or solutions to fight against this involuntary phenomenon.

Extra-natural causes of involuntary erection

Apart from the natural facts generated by the mechanical reaction to a certain stimulus of a man's body, the reasons for involuntary erection are also due to external factors that push for the production of this phenomenon. Thus, it can occur when the man experiences an insufficiency of unsatisfactory sexual intercourse, or even an absence of it (lack of desire, sexual pleasure, etc.). Besides, involuntary erection is also a sign of underlying or latent sexual problems. In this regard, sexual difficulties appear briefly without a man necessarily having perceived them. In any case, there are always solutions or treatments to avoid the involuntary erection and to get rid of the humiliations of others.

The ideal solutions to fight against involuntary erection

Apart from the nocturnal or morning erection, the involuntary erection due to a certain disease, such as priapism, the involuntary reflex erection is a signal that indicates the existence of a problem to be solved in a man. For an involuntary erection caused by the insufficiency or lack of unsatisfactory sexual intercourse, the ideal is to have fulfilling sexual intercourse with the ideal partner. Obviously, men who have fulfilling relationships do not generally encounter problems with involuntary erection, except on extremely rare occasions due to certain illnesses they incur. In addition, involuntary erection can be a phenomenon at the root of a more serious and alarming situation in a man's sex life. Indeed, if complications persist, it can lead to premature ejaculation problems, erection difficulties, etc. That said, as it is often said "caution is the mother of safety", the ideal is thus to consult a doctor in order to find the real solutions or treatments to solve the problem of involuntary erection.

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