What treatments for a birth micropenis?

What treatments for a birth micropenis?

A micropenis is an adult penis measuring less than 8 cm when erect. Having a micropenis is the bane of all men. This situation influences their personality, and prevents them from having a normal sex life. Sometimes it is just an illusion that does not correspond to reality at all. But it also happens that we really face a micropenis from birth, because the organ does not develop. In this case, it is normal to be worried. Currently, there is an increase in this phenomenon in babies. Often, it is in adulthood that we realize this problem. The causes are many, and sometimes they remain unknown. But, it can also be related to an environmental cause such as chemicals or a certain insensitivity to androgens, to a malformation with or without abnormality of the chromosomes.

So what are the treatments for a birth micropenis?

Need for diagnosis at birth

When a baby is born with a penis that is too small compared to normal, screening is recommended. Indeed, the average size of a newborn's penis is 4 cm. Until adolescence, it measures about 6 cm. It is after puberty, under the action of hormones, in particular testosterone, that this organ lengthens. In adulthood, it should be at least 12 cm erect. It is then necessary to seek a solution before puberty, to treat the micropenis. Also, when the baby is born with a penis that is too small, we must talk to the doctor or a pediatrician. After diagnosis, he can be prescribed a treatment consisting of testosterone injections until puberty. After this period, the injection of hormones is no longer effective: it will be entitled to resort to it when the time limit is exceeded.

Possible treatments

After puberty, other treatments can also be effective, but they depend on the case of each patient. In general, a surgical operation can be operative. But again, you have to be careful with miraculous proposals, because there is no guarantee of a perfect penis enlargement. Moreover, it is essential to seek the care of a good surgeon, because a bad intervention on a penis can lead to serious consequences. The surgeries available include:

– The section of the suspensory ligament of the penis. This is the simplest method. The penis is attached to the pubic bone by means of a ligament. The latter allows the penis to come out two to three centimeters from the body, no more. Which is rather ridiculous, but the result is worth it.

We can also resort to liposuction of fat in the lower abdomen, because it must be admitted that the micropenis can also be linked to an excess of fat in the lower abdomen. This operation often brings out the penis.

– In addition, a penis transplant can contribute to a slight increase, but this time, at the level of its circumference. It will be remarkable at rest and not in erection. To do this, the surgeon makes an incision along the penis to amplify the internal envelope with a biological patch.

– The injection of autologous fat is also another solution. Fat is taken from the patient's thighs and then injected under the skin of the penis. This technique makes the fat thicker. Moreover, the disadvantage of this process is that it can lead to the formation of nodules later.

It can therefore be concluded that the problem of micropenis is difficult to treat. Until now, there is no miracle solution, nor a super effective and risk-free treatment to solve it. What needs to be done is to diagnose it very early, in childhood. The appropriate treatment can thus be determined. Otherwise, pregnant women should be careful during their pregnancy to avoid genital malformations in baby boys. Indeed, since the micropenis can also be linked to the environment, in particular exposure to chemicals, it is important that pregnant women stay away from anything that is "chemical", whether food or products. used. They are also recommended to always eat organic.

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