Which Foods to Avoid to Protect Your Prostate?

Which Foods to Avoid to Protect Your Prostate?

If you want to preserve your prostate, it's time to change your diet. Research shows that certain foods can affect this gland and cause serious health problems. Which foods to eat and which to avoid? Discover below the list of foods that are not recommended as well as their effects on this gland.

Four foods that are bad for the prostate

Red Meat: This food can cause high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease and it can also increase the risk of prostate cancer. These problems are caused by the formation of heterocyclic amines (HA) inside the meat when it is cooked at high temperatures. This phenomenon occurs especially when frying in a pan or grilling directly over a flame. HAs are mutagens, so they have the ability to alter DNA and they increase the risk of cancer. This risk also applies to processed meats, such as those used to make sausages. We therefore advise you to avoid barbecues. This does not mean that you should stop eating meat altogether, we simply recommend that you limit your consumption of red meat. Dairy products high in fat: Dairy products are an excellent source of calcium and allow you to preserve the state of your bones. But consuming high-fat dairy products, such as full cream and whole milk, can have adverse effects on your health. Researchers have found that consuming whole milk can accelerate the progression of prostate cancer and increase the risk of death from this disease. We therefore advise you to avoid whole dairy products and to favor light cream and skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. Alcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption can also increase the risk of prostate cancer. A study conducted by the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial shows that men who regularly drink more than three glasses of alcohol a day, or 20 drinks a week, are twice as likely to be affected by prostate cancer as those who drink little or moderately. If you drink a lot of alcohol, you can limit this risk by reducing your consumption, this will also improve your general health. Saturated fats: These fats are found in red meats, dairy products, baked goods, and processed foods. These substances increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and can also affect the condition and functioning of the prostate. A study that was published in Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases indicates that men who consume a lot of saturated fat were more often affected by aggressive type prostate cancers. We therefore recommend that you replace foods high in saturated fats with foods high in monosaturated or polyunsaturated fats because these substances are healthier. These foods include avocados, oily fish, olive oil, and nuts. Phytoestrogenic plants (hops, sage, licorice, etc.) These plants can have estrogenic effects that are harmful to the prostate. Diuretic drink: drink less black tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soft drinks (these have a diuretic effect and increase urine production).

Foods to eat for a healthy prostate

– Oily fish (salmon, anchovies, herring, trout, etc.) Rich in omega-3, these help to reduce the risk of prostate problems; – Fruits and vegetables (especially oranges, clementines, lemons, pomegranates, unsalted and unroasted nuts, artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, avocados, peppers, etc.) – Pulses (beans, lentils, etc.); – Garlic, onions, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, turmeric; – Foods rich in lycopene (tomatoes, pink grapefruit, papaya, etc.) water with a low mineral content;

Natural substances to use for a healthy prostate

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