White Discharge Explained During Pregnancy

White Discharge Explained During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a rather delicate period in a woman's life. It is certainly a magical time insofar as the future mother carries within her a new life. Nevertheless, the nine months also come with different upheavals. It is particularly possible that white losses appear.

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1 Upheavals during pregnancy: white discharge
2 When should you be alarmed?
3 Suspicious white discharge: the treatment
4 Other recommendations

Upheavals during pregnancy: white discharge

From the start of pregnancy, the future mother feels changes taking place in her body. Hormones are upset and cause different symptoms among which we find white discharge. In general, vaginal secretions increase during pregnancy and this is a completely normal phenomenon that should not cause alarm.

The white discharge that occurs during pregnancy normally displays a milky appearance. It is possible that these display a very fluid texture, causing the pregnant woman to be constantly "wet". As for the color, they can be white, yellow, transparent or not.

When should you be alarmed?

While white discharge is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, there are still cases where you should be alarmed and consult a doctor. So, when these are accompanied by other unusual symptoms, they should not be ignored.

In case of itching, unpleasant odors or even burning, this may be a sign of mycosis caused by a fungus. If the losses are very liquid and take on a yellow color, it is generally the Trichomonas which is in question.

Sometimes the additional symptoms are even more alarming, such as burns or fever. It may be an infection that needs to be taken seriously and treated as soon as possible. At the slightest suspicion, it is strongly recommended to inform the gynecologist to take the necessary measures.

Suspicious white discharge: the treatment

In case of doubt, a consultation is therefore essential. The doctor or gynecologist will make the necessary arrangements. In general, vaginal bacteriology is recommended. After sampling and identification of the responsible germ, the appropriate treatment is prescribed.

The drugs so recommended are much the same as those recommended for a typical infection occurring in a woman who is not pregnant. Here, however, contraindications are taken into account.

The doctor generally prescribes a local treatment lasting between 3 and 10 days depending on the case. During this period, the pregnant woman will use eggs. Note that the future dad is also subject to treatment, including a cream to be applied to his penis.

This is valid whether or not the gentleman is subject to irritation. This is to avoid further contamination. In all cases, it is essential to scrupulously respect the treatment. A control examination is even strongly recommended to ensure that the germ has been eradicated.

What should be remembered is that infections occurring during pregnancy and accompanied by abnormal white discharge are generally benign. However, it is essential to treat them as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Other Recommendations

Faced with "normal" white discharge, there are no special precautions to take. On the contrary, you should not give in to the temptation to adopt intense intimate hygiene in order to get rid of white discharge. Which could have a negative effect by disrupting the balance of the vaginal microflora.

It can even promote infection. The intimate toilet will remain external, using a mild soap.

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