Why Do Men Become Impotent With Age?

Why Do Men Become Impotent With Age?

Around 3 million men in France suffer from erectile dysfunction. This number could even be higher. But it is quite difficult to assess accurately because most men affected by this problem are too embarrassed to talk about it. Doctors believe that erectile dysfunction is more common today than in the past and that the disorder now affects younger men more.

Currently, some patients in their 30s or 40s frequently come to see a doctor or urologist to complain about this type of disorder. Researchers say this increase may be due to a general reduction in male testosterone levels, a more sedentary lifestyle, more widespread use of narcotics, widespread obesity, and several other factors. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by anxiety and depression, but research has shown that it is a physical problem in 85% of cases. Several doctors claim that certain lifestyle changes, such as practicing a sports activity that requires the lower body and focusing on a healthy diet, can sometimes effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

A study from 2003 shows that erectile dysfunction problems tend to become generalized over time. At what age are men most often affected by these disorders? In 90% of cases, men who suffer from ED are aged 50 or over. The frequency of disorders is proportional to the age of the patient. However, it is rather rare for a younger man to suffer from this type of disorder.

The most common causes are heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or hormonal imbalances. But ED can also be caused by other factors, such as smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

The quality of erections is generally related to the age of the patient. The previously cited study was published in the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine and demonstrated that the percentage of men under the age of 40 who suffer from ED does not exceed 2%. And that 4% of men aged 40 to 49 have already suffered from erectile problems. This number reaches 26% among men who have reached their 50s. The percentage of men with ED rises to 40% among men aged 60 to 69.

The men least affected by this type of problem are those who have adopted a healthy lifestyle and who do not suffer from any chronic illness. But these problems particularly affect participants aged 65 to 79. Among the latter, men who practiced a sports activity for three hours a week reduced their risk of suffering from these disorders by 30%. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction usually lose all their confidence and this can affect their relationship. These disorders must imperatively be treated because they can indicate a serious health problem.

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