Why is my cum thick and lumpy?

Why is my cum thick and lumpy?

Most men confuse semen and sperm when referring to the texture of their semen. Sperm are not visible to the naked eye and cannot grow thicker or lumpier unlike semen. The texture of semen varies from time to time and this substance can become thicker or thinner. These changes can indicate a problem and are sometimes caused by infections, dehydration, and hormonal imbalances. In order to better understand this phenomenon, we will study the factors that can modify the consistency and texture of semen.

Why is my sperm thick?

Semen consistency varies depending on your diet, activity, and how often you have sex. Here are several factors that can make your semen thicker:


If your semen seems thicker than usual, you may be dehydrated. It is important to note that coffee and soda can dehydrate your body and this can make sperm thicker. However, this change remains temporary and generally ends up disappearing spontaneously.


Why is my cum thick? This texture may be related to your health and vary if you have an infection. This type of disorder usually makes your semen thicker and changes the color of seminal fluid. Semen can also have a green or yellow tint. This phenomenon is most likely caused by an infection if you also notice a smelly discharge escaping from your penis.

Hormonal Imbalance

The texture of semen can also vary in case of hormonal imbalance. If your testosterone levels drop, your semen will become thicker. However, it is not clear whether this change is caused by a hormonal imbalance or another problem without consulting a doctor.

What is Normal Sperm Texture?

Semen has a specific color, smell and taste. The semen of a healthy male usually has a whitish or grayish tint. After ejaculation this substance looks like jelly and becomes more liquid after a quarter of an hour. In addition, healthy sperm has an odor reminiscent of chlorine and a rather sweet taste because it is rich in fructose. Its taste may vary depending on the diet of men.

How to Improve Sperm Quality?

There are steps you can take to keep your sperm healthy, including:


Hydrate yourself

We recommend that you drink plenty of water, this will help thin your semen. You can also improve your health by drinking plenty of water every day (at least 8 glasses a day).


Adopt a balanced diet

We advise you to focus on healthy foods, especially those that are rich in protein and low in fat. You can also eat more whole grains and vegetables to improve your sperm quality. You will help your body to produce more sperm by consuming eggs, fish, nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cashews and pumpkin seeds in large quantities.


Watch your weight

You must ensure that you maintain a weight that is appropriate for your age and height. Being overweight can also make your semen thicker. Obesity affects sperm but also the movement of sperm.


Manage your Stress

Stress affects the quality of your sexual performance, it can also affect your hormone levels and change the texture of your semen.


Stay Active

You should exercise regularly. Getting organized for exercise isn't always easy, but it can really help improve your sex life. Physical activity increases the production of testosterone, which has the effect of stimulating the production of sperm in the body. We advise you to practice a variety of exercises and not to use the same muscles for several consecutive days. You need to rest your muscles so they can produce testosterone.


Avoid High Temperatures

Your body may produce fewer sperm if your scrotum is exposed to high temperatures. We therefore advise against wearing sports shorts or tight underwear. You should also avoid going to the sauna and taking steam baths.


Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco

Your body may produce less sperm because of smoking. Smoking also affects the condition and movement of sperm. We also advise you to avoid consuming alcohol or reduce your consumption of alcoholic beverages. Regular alcohol consumption can affect the quantity and quality of sperm.


Avoid Consuming Illegal Substances

Using illegal substances like cannabis can affect the condition and movement of your sperm. Heroin and cocaine have the same effects on your semen.


Protect your Body from Toxins

You should take certain precautions when exposed to lead, pesticides and other toxins as these substances can affect sperm production and quality.


Perform Screenings to Detect Sexually Transmitted Diseases

You must protect your body from STDs in order to optimize the quality of your sperm. We recommend getting tested if you notice that your semen is thicker and this change is accompanied by other symptoms like pain, fever, itching, burning, clots in your semen and pain at urination. You've probably contracted a sexually transmitted disease if you notice any bumps or blisters on your penis.


Use Medicines with Caution

Certain medications can affect your sexual performance and even your fertility, these include tricyclic antidepressants, calcium channel blockers, anti-androgens and some other treatments. The products used during radiotherapy and chemotherapy can also cause permanent fertility problems.

When Should You Analyze Sperm?

If you can't find out why your semen has become thicker, it's time to see a doctor. The latter may offer you a semen analysis to identify the cause of the problem. These scans are also done when couples are having trouble conceiving. This test helps to check if the man is sterile or to identify any other problems. It helps to get information about sperm condition and sperm count.

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