With The Method Based On The Hydro-pump

With The Method Based On The Hydro-pump

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Over the generations, attention has focused more and more on a part of the male anatomy, more precisely on his virile member! With countless heated discussions about a single organ, it's hardly a surprise that some men don't appreciate the natural morphology of their genital endowment that much. Worse, many do not understand the mechanism behind this or that physiognomy. Indeed, the male organ is composed of three elements: two cavernous bodies on the upper part and a spongy body. The former are cavities that fill with blood to pull the erect spongy body upwards. It is therefore obvious that blood flow is an indispensable factor for the proper functioning of this part of the body, and that the best way to achieve this is to improve this mechanism inherent in every man.


No one can question the fact that size is the most determining criterion of a man's virility, rightly or wrongly! As men all over the world keep comparing themselves to ideal shapes, it's no surprise that many want to increase this crucial dimension of modern masculinity.


Many speak of length, but several testimonies and findings from both sexes also speak of the importance of the circumference of the male sexual organ. Girth is considered particularly important to the look and feel of dynamism, including energy and intensity.


There are times when good measurements are not enough – they must be accompanied by a special feeling of strength and deep vigor. Whether in everyday life or during carnal intercourse, the feeling of virility and the confidence it generates are as important as size, the two being intimately linked.

The new hydro-pump technology

Vacuum air pumping (vacuum) methods are nothing new for men who want to enhance their manly organs – a simple search on the web will reveal endless alternatives! Their purpose is however the same, that of stimulating blood circulation locally to increase the size of the male reproductive organ. Several studies have also been conducted for this purpose to assess the effectiveness of these methods on improving oxygen saturation levels, but also their action at the molecular level and the mechanical straightening of penile tissues. If on paper, these approaches seem promising, in reality, they leave a large number of users dissatisfied, in particular because of a constraining, uncomfortable and sometimes unpleasant use. This is how a new, fresher and more exciting option for men was born, which combines efficiency and pleasure thanks to the strength of 2 essential elements: air and water.

Instinctively, we all appreciate this way of doing things with a much more pleasant feeling! In addition, the new hydro-pump technology offers many material and physical advantages. Water is indeed a flexible force that coats the entire penile body without leaving the slightest unoccupied space. This means that all blood vessels without exception will be stimulated. In addition, the use of hot water in the shower or bath makes it easier to open the pores in order to maintain healthy skin while improving the elasticity of the skin in this region. The increase process is thereby greatly facilitated. Finally, there's no environment sweeter than water, though that doesn't take away from its fearsome power. This criterion is essential to guarantee a certain comfort without altering the safety or the effectiveness of products based on this innovative technology. With the method based on the hydro-pump, you take a giant step towards increased and more easily accessible virility.

The Hydromax

Bathmate is a brand that constantly pushes the boundaries of research and innovation. Its experts have worked hard to design a brilliant product that uses hydro-pump technology for the first time. Now, a crucial question arose: how to improve this device to get the most out of it? This is how they skilfully developed the Hydromax series, which incorporates for the first time a revolutionary bellows pump system accompanied by a valve. This achieved X35 times the power of the original legendary Hercules. In addition, having realized that a single size could not satisfy everyone, Bathmate also offers a choice of personalized sizes, not to mention the 3 colors that have made its reputation and which adapt to everyone's tastes. To date, it is the best-selling men's pump worldwide, with more than one million units sold in 90 countries.

The Bathmate Hydromax is a device with a worked design that comes in 3 distinct colors. You will be able to choose the color that best matches your manly character – bright red, calm and zen blue or transparent synonymous with quiet strength.

The unprecedented use of hydro-pump technology allows you to work on your virile member even when you take a bath or a shower. This makes it easy to incorporate this technology into everyone's daily routine for convenience and flexibility.

This device has been specially designed to provide maximum power for 15 minutes so that you can take full advantage of its many advantages. With such a result in such a short time, competing products can be put into oblivion.

Based on extensive studies by many experts, the Hydromax uses recognized and proven mechanical technologies so that you can have a product that is safe to use while being pleasant and comfortable.

Using the Hydromax pump

You can use this device in the shower or in a bath – either way you just need to relax in the water for a few minutes. Push the small black flap on the tip of the device to the closed position, then remove the comfort pad. Turn the hydro-pump upside down and fill it with shower or bath water. Replace the comfort pad, taking care to align the positioning marks, then place the hydro-pump on your penis in its normal (soft) state before squeezing well to the base of the penis. Form a comfortable seal, with the device tilted slightly upwards, then open the valve by pushing the top black flapper to the middle position this time. Begin pumping, slowly and evenly, until the inflation bulb remains depressed, indicating that the optimum vacuum has been reached. To remove, release the pressure by pushing the valve button inward, which activates the quick-draining mechanism, then slide it out of your penis. For even more comfort, you can buy a shower strap from the Bathmate range to enjoy the Hydromax hands-free.


Each product from the Bathmate range has been designed taking into account the needs of men, but also their safety and comfort. That said, it is always useful to take a few precautions. Carefully analyze the complete range of products offered by Bathmate to be sure that you have opted for the product that best suits your measurements, your needs and your anatomical morphology. Before using this device, please take the time to read the entire instruction manual. Never exceed the maximum time which is 15 minutes per session, and do not be impatient, because the effort will always end up paying off in the long run. Also, trying to rush the process carries the risk of injury.

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