XtraSize Review: Our Opinion On These Effects And User Testimonials

XtraSize Review: Our Opinion On These Effects And User Testimonials

XtraSize review: our opinion on these effects and user testimonials

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Xtrasize is a dietary supplement to enlarge the size of your penis. There are many nutritional supplements that sell their customers with dramatic results in increasing the size of their penis. However, not all of these pills are safe to take.

We wanted to know if Xtrasize really worked and to know its composition and potential side effects. Our opinion on Xtrasize is quite positive and we explain this opinion to you in more detail throughout our analysis on Xtrasize.

You will see that its ingredients with recognized virtues and user feedback validate the effects announced by the manufacturer. To form your own opinion on XtraSize and to find out more click on the button below.


1 Our review of Xtrasize in brief
2 Introducing Xtrasize
3 What is the composition of Xtrasize?
4 How does this dietary supplement work?
5 Benefits of XtraSize
6 Recommended dosage
7 Side effects and contraindications
8 Prices and purchase of XtraSize
9 Xtrasize Customer Reviews
10 Our final opinion on Xtrasize

Our opinion on Xtrasize in brief

Our review of Xtrasize is positive for the following reasons:

– Natural product – Composition of plant extracts recognized for their virtues – Few side effects – Reasonable prices for this type of product – A satisfaction or 100% refund guarantee – Free delivery costs – Efficient customer service

Introducing Xtrasize

Xtrasize is therefore a solution to have a bigger penis. This treatment is non-invasive and offers results after 6 months of use. It is a food supplement with an entirely natural composition and which has several properties to improve your sexual performance.

Before continuing with this review of Xtrasize, it is important to remember how an erection works and the penis in general. Indeed, following stimulation or sexual desire, the tissues of the cavernous bodies of the penis will expand to allow the blood vessels present there to dilate. As a result, the amount of blood in the penis will be greater, which will then cause an erection and make the penis bigger and thicker (source).

Thus, from a mechanical point of view, it is the dilation of the blood vessels which promotes erection but also enlargement of the penis in length and width. Therefore, Xtrasize has decided to opt for natural elements that have an effect on these fabrics. We explain in more detail its composition and operation.

What is the composition of Xtrasize?

Before we look at the effects of Xtrasize on penis enlargement and male impotence, it is important to look at its composition. This dietary supplement contains only plant extracts and natural active ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven by independent scientific studies.

How does this dietary supplement work?

Produced by a recognized laboratory in Europe and the United States, Heal Wheel, the XtraSize supplement acts as a blood circulation regulator by promoting the vasodilation of these vessels. It therefore presents a serious advantage for men wishing to increase the size of their penis, since it will allow the tissues of the cavernous bodies of the penis to be stretched and widened.

Enlargement of these tissues could cause microlesions. These will then be healed with new cells which will enlarge the penis. This will have the effect of promoting blood flow in this area, which can thus play on the erectile process and increase the size of the penis.

Benefits of XtraSize

Xtrasize thus has several effects thanks to its natural composition. Among other things, Xtrasize would make it possible to:

Increase penis size by promoting vasodilation of blood vessels and expanding the tissues of the cavernous bodies of the penis. – Promote erection through increased blood flow to sex. – Improve sperm quality through the regulation of testosterone levels by zinc and magnesium and antioxidants reducing oxidative stress. – Increase libido by increasing the level of sex hormones such as testosterone.

The recommended dosage

To observe its effects and enlarge your penis, it is important to follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer. It consists of taking one tablet a day, preferably in the morning. Swallow it with a full glass of water. Be careful though, because there is no point in taking a larger dose. On the contrary, you may experience unpleasant side effects.

If you have forgotten to take an Xtrasize capsule, do so as soon as you remember. In addition, if a day has passed, simply skip the missed dose of Xtrasize and continue your cure as normal.

Side effects and contraindications

Certain precautions should be taken if you are taking Xtrasize. Indeed, there are medical contraindications with this dietary supplement. It is therefore not recommended to take it if:

– you are allergic to any of your ingredients – you are underage – if you are taking any other treatment for erectile dysfunction or to gain penis size – you suffer from high blood pressure.

You should also be aware that Xtrasize can have side effects. Pay particular attention to the appearance of small redness on your skin. Also, if you experience stomach pain, you may be having an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients. In this case, stop your treatment and contact your doctor.

Finally, it is generally highly recommended to consult a health professional before opting for a treatment to increase the size of the penis or to fight against erectile dysfunction. Indeed, a specialist will be able to analyze your situation according to your medical history and also determine the cause of your disorder in order to offer you the most appropriate treatment for your case.

In the case of discomfort due to a small penis or a micro penis, it is also possible to undergo therapy with a psychologist or a sexologist. Indeed, in many cases, men suffering from this type of complex generally have a penis whose dimensions are part of the average and ideal size of a penis (source). In these cases, therapy would allow you to better accept your gender and feel better about your body.

Prices and purchase of XtraSize

If you are interested in XtraSize, certain information concerning the terms of purchase and prices may then be useful to know.

Xtrasize Rates and Prices

Each bottle of XtraSize contains 60 tablets for a 2 month treatment. The official site offers 3 different prices which vary according to the number of bottles you want:

– 1 bottle for 89 euros. – 2 bottles for 149 euros or 74.5 euros per bottle. – 4 bottles for 199 euros or 49.75 euros per bottle.

Where to buy XtraSize?

It is not possible to buy XtraSize in pharmacies or supermarkets. Indeed, this food supplement to enlarge the penis is only available on the official website of the brand. Indeed, the brand has chosen to drastically reduce the number of subcontractors in order to be able to offer the fairest and most affordable price possible.

Advantages offered by the Xtrasize site

By going through the official Xtrasize website you will benefit from many advantages such as:

a safe and controlled product : you thus escape the counterfeits found on the Internet which can prove to be dangerous and of dubious origins. 100% money back guarantee. free delivery charges. frequent promotions and offers. a neutral package for more discretion regarding your delivery.

Xtrasize Customer Reviews

Before giving you our final opinion on XtraSize, we invite you to discover the opinions of XtraSize customers. Here is a sampling of the reviews found on the official XtraSize website.

In this testimonial from Christophe, 19 years old from Paris, the user of XtraSize highlights the impact of this product in his life. Indeed being complexed by the size of his penis, he dared not approach the girls. Since his cure, he has regained self-confidence and can have sexual relations in a fulfilling way.

Wojtek, 30 years old from Alaska underlines in his testimony of Xtrasize the effectiveness of the product but also the discretion of sending. He didn't want his secret revealed to everyone. Mission accomplished.

Finally for Patrice, 42 years old from Lille, his opinion on XtraSize is very positive because this supplement has restored his self-confidence, but also a boost of energy and a newfound libido. This changed his personal life and especially his life as a couple.

Thus, the opinions are quite positive on XtraSize. We found very few negative feedbacks. Nevertheless, what seems important to us to point out is that XtraSize does not have the same effects in each individual.

Our final opinion on Xtrasize

Our opinion on XtraSize is quite positive. Indeed, just like Member XXL, this dietary supplement is intended to increase the size of the penis but also to improve the quality of erections and ejaculations as well as the libido.

If the elements used are entirely natural, it is nevertheless advisable to check the contraindications indicated by the manufacturer. Similarly, if you are subject to a potential side effect, it is strongly recommended to stop treatment directly and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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